How Spredfast Customers are Winning Social Gold

The eternal flame Olympic torch reached its destination in the Maracanã Stadium and the Opening Ceremonies have dazzled: the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio have officially commenced. Over the next 16 days, we’ll watch the world’s best athletes in fierce competition during 300 events. Each competitor has dedicated their life to perfecting their skills, to being the best.

While Team USA athletes worked on their speed, agility, and concentration, social teams at top companies, brands, and retailers have also been working hard preparing for the Games: learning the latest algorithm updates across platforms, perfecting content and voice, and building endurance among all team members–all in an effort to make a strong showing in Brazil.

NBC: The official broadcast network for the 2016 Olympics in Rio

In NBC’s announcement of their planned extensive coverage of the Games (announcements which have come in exciting waves over the past couple of months), we’ve learned that what they plan to offer fans and viewers is truly revolutionary: around-the-clock social media coverage, plus extensive collaborative input from influential social media handles.

Broadcast coverage will span digital platforms, and NBC’s collaborations and partnerships in social media coverage will bring viewers around the world Olympic insights they’ve never seen before. Don’t miss NBC’s: Buzzfeed partnership featuring Snapchat coverage, Facebook and Instagram collaborations, and late-night coverage with Ryan Seacrest and other social media stars.

NBC, Social Media, and the Games:

NBC prepped for the big event by setting clear-cut goals. The network aims to bring social conversations and content to and to add value to sponsored experiences by intuitively integrating sponsor content.

Spredfast was there with the assist, and NBC used Experiences to keep social, digital, and editorial teams on message. Now, NBC Sports has built “Spredfast Experiences into the backbone of their site.”

DeVry University: An Official Education Provider to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC)

We asked DeVry University to share details from their Olympics game plan, and how they’ll make sure their social stands out during the Games. Their work inspires us, and we know it’ll inspire you, too.

Q&A with DeVry University

Spredfast: What does DeVry want achieve on social this Olympic season?

DeVry: We’re setting out to tell the stories of our student athletes – showcasing their grit, perseverance and ambition while drawing parallels to all of our students. Whether you’re a U.S. Olympic athlete or someone balancing the chaos of life, earning a degree can feel like an impossible endeavor. We believe that with the right kind of determination and support system in your corner, the impossible becomes possible.

How does your position as an official education provider to the USOC influence your social Olympic campaign plans?

Our position allows us to use social to shine a spotlight on our students who are also U.S Olympic athletes – supporting their journey to Rio, celebrating their success, and also their preparation for life after the Games by earning a degree.

In Sochi, we noticed you embraced social for engaging with your athletes' behind-the-scenes blog updates, sharing buzz around athletes' progress, etc. This Olympic season, will you incorporate some of your past strategies?

We’re planning to continue our focus on our #DeVryTeamUSA student athletes. We will be infusing their voice and the Team USA thematic into some of our consistently high-performing foundational social content, while also activating content specific to the student athletes in real-time to celebrate their results in Rio. We had great success in Sochi sharing news about our student athletes medaling, breaking records, etc. and hope to build on that this year with faster activation (as close to real-time as possible) and a larger group of student athletes trending to compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

What new strategies will you embrace on what channels?

The growth of Instagram, the expansion of Facebook video, and the importance of paid amplification are all new social elements that we built into our plans for Rio.

We have a new and exciting social content opportunity with a new activation of our partnership called the “Student Immersion Experience.” We’re sending two DeVry representatives–a current student and a recent grad–to Rio for an on-the-ground experience working with the USOC IT professionals at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. During their 2 weeks working in Rio they will be documenting their experience with blogs, photos, and video that will be shared on social, including a DeVry Instagram takeover day. We’re very excited to see their behind-the-scenes perspective!

How will Spredfast help get you achieve your social objectives?

The launch of Spredfast’s Planner was timed perfectly! We’re using Planner to lay out our social content plans surrounding the Olympics and to manage the content development flow among our team.

Do you have advice for other marketers that are looking to bring home the social gold this season? Put the extra effort in to find the stories that can bring your brand to life. It’s easy to put a logo on something and call it a day, but true social content success comes from mining for the authentic stories that showcase your brand in a meaningful and real way.

We couldn’t agree more!

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