How Spredfast Intelligence Can Help Agencies Win Clients

It's in large part because social data never sleeps that social marketers can find themselves exhausted. The cycle is quick and constant, and the sheer volume of content "presents opportunities, but can be overwhelming sometimes," explains Kai MacMahon, VP of agency development at Spredfast.

In the agency world, client needs vary greatly. This week, Spredfast hosted a webinar that details every aspect of the client life cycle—and how Intelligence can help make each step better, and better-informed. "We believe you can be more effective with better access to data," MacMahon says. "And Spredfast aims to help."

Facilitating broader access to data means removing it from a silo. "The reason we created Intelligence was to solve a very specific problem," MacMahon says."Get this type of data in the hands of the agency world." While traditional listening tools are still the bloodline for agency research and analytics teams, Intelligence aims to unlock that data for teams at every client touchpoint.

While Intelligence can inform every stage of the client process, before you've landed a client, your agency has to prepare across teams for the pitch. We'll show you three internal teams Intelligence can help get prepped for a pitch meeting, and one particular client team you might not have even considered approaching using social data—until now.

The Media Team

Your agency's media team can provide context behind their media planning and buying decisions using Intelligence. They can discover demographics, as well as who is talking and from where, to help provide national or international context. Sure, you could do manual demographic research. But think smarter social: with Intelligence, you can, for example, understand the top profile words of your potential client's audience as well.

Intelligence goes well beyond national or international context, though: because it can drill down to states, regions, cities, even neighborhoods, too, it allows you to find content specific to a set geographic area, whether at the highest level or the most granular.

The Strategy Team

Your strategy team needs to be armed with data that will validate their recommendations to the client—"especially when making a recommendation that departs from the client's current plan of action," explains Alexis Mosier, product marketing manager for Spredfast.

Using Intelligence, you can run an author search on a potential client, in order to be able to truly understand their current content strategy. You can also find their best-performing content and publishing cadence, top media and top tweets—in other words, you can obtain a clear picture of what their campaigns have looked like in the past. This could serve as a springboard for future planning.

Another vital part of strategy, Mosier adds, is understanding the competitive landscape. "In Intelligence, you can easily compare topics, whether that means comparing your client's strategy to a competitors or conversation around your client's brand to conversation around the competitors."

The Social Team

With media and strategy teams armed with insight, it's time to move on to your agency's social team. Using Intelligence, the social team can learn how to best engage with their audience across all social accounts. One way to do this is by checking out the MO of the users who engage with their client's owned content, which can also be found through the author search mentioned previously.

Intelligence can also reveal mentions of the brand across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. "Because the way that users interact is unique to each individual network, you'll want to look for specific findings on each one," Mosier says. Using Intelligence, you can dive deep to see how an audience is engaging with a potential client's social content.

Client Wins with the Executive Team

Working at an agency means helping customers sell their products. "But sometimes," says Spredfast product manager Miguel Fernandez, himself a former agency man, "we ran out of time to sell ourselves, or prepare ourselves for our pitch." Many Spredfast Intelligence customers use the product to be smarter before they walk into any room—be it a conference room, or an elevator.

You can reveal valuable information on decision-makers and stakeholders who'll determine your success using Intelligence. Utilize the author search to bring up stakeholders' tweet history, seeking out shared interests or pain points. You can also zero in on what content a CMO, for example, loves from her own company. What does she think is working; what is she retweeting? Essentially, you can use Intelligence to be smarter in the way you position and pitch your agency.

How? "Agencies use Intelligence to get a little bit of quantitative fire-power when there's a qualitative discussion," Fernandez explains. "It's great to be able to count on this enormous social focus group that is Intelligence to inform decisions or defend creative decisions you've made as an agency with data."

We know the work doesn't stop once you've won a client. In fact, that's just the beginning. To learn more about how Intelligence can support you in campaign planning, campaign monitoring, and reporting on your successes, shoot us an email for exclusive access to the full webinar.

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