How Spredfast + Lithium and SAP Can Improve Your Customers’ Experience on Social

Your customers on social are looking for more than just a product or service: they’re also looking for a positive, streamlined experience with your brand. Recently, we introduced our integration with SAP Marketing Cloud, and our partnership means your brand can present a unified voice to every customer.

Investing in social customer experiences can impact your brand’s bottom line in real ways. Forrester identifies brand leaders and brand laggards in customer experience, and when Watermark Consulting compared the S&P 500 Index performance of these leaders and laggards over the past 10 years, they found that the leaders outperform the laggards by 80%. Customers are seven times more likely to purchase from companies that lead in customer experience and 15 times more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth about a company that leads in customer experience. When brands invest in customer experience, they not only have the opportunity to earn higher revenues, they can also avoid expenses associated with customer attrition.

Maintaining a positive customer experience is crucial for brands, but it isn’t easy. Technology and software solutions can ease the burden of marketing, care, and other teams on the front lines of customer service, but technology, in general, is often siloed to the business unit that it’s trying to solve for—marketing — and customer service-specific technology. But the customer doesn’t care about the distinctions between your marketing and customer service teams. They care about their experience, and they want it to feel unified across their customer journey. Silos are an internal company problem, not a customer’s problem, and there’s real value to be found when brands work towards a more holistic approach to the customer journey.

Digital brings even more challenges to brands working toward a positive customer experience. Your brand is on stage on social. Anything your brand posts and any communication you have with your audience can go viral. Unlike any other form of communication—even email marketing—social is bidirectional and intimate. Social is also very time-sensitive: people are looking for fast responses, meaning you don’t have a lot of time to research your answers or your brand’s past experiences with the customer. These three factors—the public, bidirectional, and time-sensitive nature of social—make social a particularly unique channel where the customer’s experience can migrate across the organization, from marketing, to care, and back to marketing, for example. Embracing that fluidity, rather than finding it concerning, is one of the main keys to creating a positive social customer experience.

Your brand is on stage on social.


The good news is that managing these challenges is what Spredfast + Lithium is built to do. The integration of Spredfast + Lithium and SAP is meant to help our customers in a unique way with their customer experience efforts. To do it, we focus on two key topics: the single view of the customer, and streamlining marketing workflows. Let us explain:

Taking a single view of the customer

Customers have both an online social persona and an offline, real-world persona. Understanding both aspects of your customer is crucial to the customer experience. With Spredfast + Lithium and SAP, you can seamlessly connect your customer’s digital persona to their real-world persona—a huge opportunity for your customer care efforts. Your team will have one single view of the customer: you’ll see the same person on various channels and you’ll be able to connect each piece of information about them to the whole.

Not only is having a single view of the customer a benefit to your organization, but it’s also beneficial for your customer. We’ve found that 89% of customers become frustrated when they have to repeat their issues to multiple people, but with our integration, your customer can be passed from marketing to care without missing a beat (and without having to repeat themselves). Instead, our integration provides context, interaction, and history that relevant team members can easily access.

89% of customers become frustrated when they have to repeat their issues to multiple people—the Spredfast + Lithium and SAP integration solves for that.


Streamlining marketing workflows

The second high-value opportunity we’re excited to deliver with the Spredfast + Lithium and SAP integration is the concept of streamlining marketing workflows. Knowing what you want to accomplish with a campaign is only half the battle: you also need to have the right technology and team in place to execute those plans.

On social and digital, your customers are telling you what subject matter and what issues they want to hear more about by asking your brand a question—we call it self-segmenting. The Spredfast + Lithium and SAP integration allows your brand to send your customer a relevant email after they’ve self-segmented. It also allows you to link individual conversations on social to specific cohorts and segments you’ve created inside your marketing automation platform. For example, you could add a customer to a group of people who care about water quality, or music festivals.

And this is all just the beginning. There’s so much opportunity with Spredfast + Lithium and SAP, specifically with the SAP Service, Commerce, Sales, and Data Clouds, as well as our with our continued investment and innovation in the SAP Marketing Cloud integration. We’d love to tell you more about what we can do for your brand’s customer experience efforts. Agents are standing by.

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Sofie Pompa drives the product strategy for the Spredfast Partner Program integration. She currently stays involved in the community through serving on the Austin Community Foundation Hispanic Impact Fund and the Board of Directors of Saint Louise House.