Inform Your Marketing with Tumblr Data and Content

We’re excited to announce that Spredfast is a Tumblr Preferred Data Partner. It’s an awesome new step in our journey to deliver smart social insights that inform content marketing efforts and business strategy. As a Preferred Data Partner, we are using direct access to Tumblr’s firehose—a real-time feed of all public activity on the Tumblr platform—to give brands, agencies, and media companies an in-depth understanding of what’s happening across the network.

Why should brands be paying attention to Tumblr?

One of the fastest growing social networks, Tumblr is home to over 237 million blogs and 111 billion posts where users collect and share text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos. Sharing other people’s content (known as reblogging) is central to the way Tumblr creates a space for communities to form around shared interests, passions and ideas.

In our latest research, The Smart Social Report, we analyzed 295 brand- and fan-owned Tumblrs for 85 different television shows. While it’s obvious that there is a huge amount of fan activity on Tumblr, the data shows that an official brand presence helps spread content even further—original content from brand-owned Tumblrs receive 32% more reblogs than original fan Tumblr content.

"We see Tumblr as the home of fandoms and some the most creative fan expressions live there. Understanding what they are talking about and how they are talking about it allows us to participate in those conversations in a more authentic, relevant way.” - Sarah Iooss, SVP Partnerships & Client Strategy, Ad Sales at Viacom

How does Spredfast help uncover insights on Tumblr?

Social marketers will be able to access instant community, content, and competitive insights by performing fast, customizable searches within Spredfast Intelligence. These insights can then be used to inform content strategy on Tumblr, and influence broader business decisions such as sponsorships and ad spend. Let’s look at a few examples:

Understand Your Audience

If you are a digital producer for a television show like Teen Wolf, it’s helpful to quickly understand the volume of activity around your show, the specific topics or tags that get your fans fired up, and the top blogs that are driving content creation and sharing about your show.

This information can help you quickly report on the level of fan engagement, understand your audience and their content preferences (both by theme and by content type), and identify influencers.

Inform Content Strategy

There are several ways to inform your content strategy with readily available Tumblr insights. For example, a fashion brand like H&M could look at content that is already being shared with tags relating to their brand or that links back to their website. This shows how people are already talking about your brand on Tumblr and could help surface content themes or types that resonate with your existing audience.

Find even more inspiration by looking at top content for broad topics like "summer style” or by analyzing your competitor's top content. Should the outfit be on a model or laid out in an appealing photo collage? Should the content look professional and stylized or have a real world feel?

In the case of H&M, some of the top performing content features both customer-styled outfits and promotional content about their next luxury designer collaboration which suggests that both high-fashion and street-style approaches resonate with their audience. You can also look at top blogs to identify tastemakers posting beautiful engaging content.

Influence Broader Business Decisions

Imagine you are a CPG brand that sponsors a summer concert tour to build awareness and preference with your millennial audience. As you narrow down your list of potential headliners, it would be useful to understand which artists drive more fan participation and sharing.

You could use Intelligence to look at the Share of Voice each artist on your short-list occupied at a festival like Coachella:

Based on this view, Drake might stand out as the obvious choice, because he commanded 6.6% of the total conversation on Tumblr about Coachella.

If you dive a bit deeper and look at the top content related to “Drake and Coachella” you would quickly discover that backstage celebrities (Queen Bey and Nicki Minaj) and an unexpected, passionate kiss between Drake and Madonna (the stuff internet memes are made of) drove most of the conversation.

Alternatively, most of the conversation about The Weeknd related to his performance, including the premiere of an untitled new song. Your brand may want to align with the artist’s fresh, inspiring sound.

The possibilities to inform and enhance your Tumblr strategy and your broader business initiatives with data-driven insights are limitless. We look forward to continuing to work with Tumblr to provide brands, agencies, and media companies with the capabilities they need to succeed on the fast-growing platform.

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Courtney is the Content Marketing Manager at Spredfast. She focuses on sharing smart social ideas and insights to transform the way companies connect with consumers. Courtney is a passionate football fan (supporting Arsenal and the USMNT), curious traveller, and ambitious home cook.