Introducing Intelligence: Smart Social Insights for a New Age of Business

In a former life, I was a creative director in the ad business and I spent quite a bit of my time presenting marketing campaigns to focus groups. While powerful, focus groups are costly and require long lead times. From the briefing, to the recruiting, to the creation of testing materials, it could take weeks to prepare for a single focus group. Even after all of that preparation, we still had to wait days to see the results.

At the time (I won’t say when, to avoid dating myself) this all made sense. We launched a few big, seasonal brand campaigns with concentrated surges of polished content that took millions of dollars to produce.

Focus groups mapped perfectly to our campaign-centric content calendars and served as an insurance policy to make sure we got it all right. There was no need (or budget, for that matter) to perform more than a couple of focus groups a year.

A Shifting Focus in the Social Age

This has all changed with the evolution of social media. Brands are expected to deliver more campaigns and ongoing content marketing efforts than ever before.

In theory, brands and agencies should also have more access to customer insights than ever before. But many of the products that are supposed to serve up these insights, suffer from the same drawbacks of their predecessor, the focus group. Complex setups, high learning curves, long lead times, and prohibitive pricing structures keep marketers from leveraging social data more often.

A Searchable Lens for Social Insights

Today we launch Spredfast Intelligence, our smart social solution that enables customers to better inform their social and business strategies with access to historical, real-time, and predictive social insights. Marketers can now convene an instant focus group on any topic or conversation with unlimited access to social data across Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, from an intuitive and fast interface.

More than reporting, we’ve designed a product that allows brands and media companies (and the agencies that support them) to leverage social data to make smarter decisions across their business.

Understand Your Audience

Intelligence users are just a search away from a snapshot of the audience participating in any conversation—about their own brand, a competitor, or a specific topic or event. They can instantly understand the audience demographics and identify the influencers driving the conversation.

For example, an agency like Resource/Ammirati is able to target audiences that are more likely to engage with the content they deliver on behalf of clients, for instance homeowners for Sherwin Williams or shoe enthusiasts for DSW.

Inform Your Content Strategy

Intelligence users can garner insights to guide content strategy. They can discover new themes that are relevant to their audience, find unexpected angles to every story, and analyze top performing content.

Resource/Ammirati has used Intelligence to expand Sherwin Williams’ content strategy beyond product promotions and painting advice. By creating content to engage with consumers on a daily basis and during live events, like the Emmy Awards, Sherwin Williams is building relatable brand connections.

For instance, Sherwin Williams delivers colorful reactions to daily micro-moments, like this Tweet about the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey which drove a 10,800% increase over average engagement.



Or this Tweet from the Emmy’s that drove a 618% increase over average engagement.



Streamline Reporting

Intelligence helps users spend less time reporting on results and more time achieving them. Users can quickly measure share of voice, benchmark campaign performance, create customizable dashboards and add beautiful infographics to their presentations to save valuable time when creating reports.

A Single Focus: Smart Social

Intelligence continues to extend our smart social promise, helping customers make better decisions every day. It delivers instant insights and empowers users to transform them into action faster than ever. No learning curves, no number crunching, with Intelligence informed decisions are always just a search away.

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Miguel Fernandez

Miguel Fernández is a Product Marketing Manager here in Austin, although his heart remains in his native Puerto Rico.