Introducing The Smart Social Report

In a world as fast-paced and ever-changing as social media, it can be tough to keep up. Not only are there weekly advancements to established social networks, it seems like there’s a brand new channel emerging every time you turn around. Social success looks different to different brands—what constitutes a social media win for a financial services company may not mean much to a media company. It’s a big industry, and with so much data available to us, sometimes it makes sense to take a step back and look at the data to see where we are and where we are going. That day is today.

Today we’re proud to launch the first edition of our Smart Social Report, which looks at the social media industry from a number of different angles. This is the first in a series of quarterly reports designed to keep you up to date, looking forward, and most importantly, smart.

The Smart Social Report begins with The State of Social, which looks at 50 top brands across 10 different industries, and their sophistication across 8 of the top social channels out there today. This report will grow over time, and every quarter we’ll revisit the same 50 brands to see how different industries are growing in social maturity across different channels.

The Smart Social Report includes four additional studies with research around the following topics:

  • Brands + Consumers: This study will dive into the data behind how brands and consumers are interacting on social networks, and investigate trends, best practices, and myth busting for modern marketers. In the first edition, we look at a metrics-based approach to social customer care with Data-Driven Social Care.
  • Fan Activation: You’ve spent time and effort building up a solid social following, how can you craft social strategies that resonate with that audience? This study dives into how media networks and fans can form a symbiotic relationship on Tumblr: Where Fans Meet Networks.
  • Content + Community: Creating content with the right messaging, timing, and imagery can be a guessing game without data on your side. We take a look at the metrics for brands on Instagram with our Moving Pictures study, examining which content elements drive performance.
  • Building Brand Relevance: Half the battle in today’s social world is creating relevant content. Pre-canned creative around structured campaigns isn’t enough anymore. Now brands need to be proactive and responsive to trends, current events, and new opportunities. We take our first look at building relevance with our study titled The Time for Real-Time, which dives into the data behind real-time marketing.

Our hope with the Smart Social Report is to start new conversations throughout the world of social media. Let’s look at the data behind where we’ve been and pave the way for where the industry needs to go. Let’s replace opinion and gut feel with research and analysis.

Let’s all get smarter together.

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Chris Kerns has spent more than a decade defining digital strategy and is at the forefront of finding insights from digital data. He currently leads Analytics and Research at Spredfast. His research has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, USA Today and AdWeek, among other publications.