Introducing SpredInsights: The Story Behind The Story

Today, Spredfast announced the launch of SpredInsights, which will provide free social media insights and analysis to journalists in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada.

We believe that social media is a vital part of any story. It’s an always-on focus group of more than one billion social connections, and a real-time barometer of society’s thoughts and feelings. Often, digging into social insights reveals a story behind the story, with surprising trends, adjacent conversations, and unanticipated passion (or, sometimes, no passion at all).

In the past year, we’ve provided data to news media on more than 100 occasions. We’ve taken a look at the Super Bowl, the reading level of Presidential tweets, Brexit, and Brangelina. In the case of the Adweek story about Esurance’s Big Game spot, Spredfast insights were able to show almost immediately that the insurer’s spot won the ad race. The ad’s hashtag was the top trending hashtag for fifteen minutes.

It’s clear to us that there’s an unmet need for reliable social insights in newsrooms across the world, and today we’re raising our hand to meet that need. Journalists require trusted, high-quality insights, and that’s exactly what SpredInsights will deliver.

To submit an inquiry, journalists simply need to fill out the short form on the SpredInsights page. Our research team will then investigate and provide insights and imagery. And we have our sights on expanding to more countries soon.

If you’re not a journalist, have no fear! We’ve also launched a Twitter handle, @SpredInsights, to share surprising and interesting social insights. Give it a follow—we think you’ll enjoy what you see.

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As Spredfast's VP of Global Communications, Ashley leads all external and internal communications, as well as analyst relations in order to tell the story of how the company connects business with the people they care about most.