Introducing Workspaces

If you have been following the conversation here at Spredfast this year, you have undoubtedly heard us talk about "more people, more places, more conversations" in social. It is a bit of a mantra for us.

For a while now, we have been interviewing customers and partners to get a better picture of what "more people" means. The short answer is hundreds of people "“ with many different roles "“ actively participating in social on behalf of the company.

With such diversity, two challenges became clear.

First, there is no "one size fits all" user experience that will fit all roles. Customer care teams responsible for rapidly responding to questions and problems posed on social networks want a clutter free "view and respond" capability. Executive stakeholders really just want to see key metrics and reports "“ they don"™t want to have to learn a whole new application. So there needs to be a way to tailor the views and capabilities of the SMMS to the needs of a role.

Second, if roles and users are going to proliferate "“ you better have a central ability to standardize and manage these tailored views. If everyone is free to create any view they like, then it is nearly impossible to develop the best practices, training and support necessary for productivity and social success.

To overcome these two challenges, we are proud to announce Workspaces, a set of features designed to give customers greater ability to tailor Spredfast to the needs of their growing user bases.

The Right Workspace Speeds Adoption and Productivity

Since the beginning, Spredfast has provided the ability to define roles and manage privileges at a detailed level. The Workspaces capabilities expand this by allowing you to control which parts of the application users and roles can actually see. This simplifies navigation, reduces mouse clicks and makes getting started less intimidating for new users with limited social experience.

A Central Console to Manage Workspaces

The roles and groups getting involved in social are expanding rapidly. And many industries and companies have specific needs. For some, Compliance and Legal are active participants in social. For others, external agencies play a significant role in social operations. Not only does Spredfast give you the ability to define Workspaces, we also give you the ability to centrally assign Workspaces to specific roles and users.

Now, we're looking forward to seeing more Spredfast users have more conversations in more efficient ways with the help of Workspaces.'s picture