It’s Time to Free Businesses From The Marketing Clouds

Fifty-one years ago this week, a brave astronaut became the first American to walk in space. Ed White opened the hatch of Gemini 4 and stepped into entirely unknown territory, changing the course of history in just 23 minutes. Twelve years ago, marketers also stepped into the unknown: in June 2004, the very first ad appeared on Facebook.

Since then, marketers have kept breakneck pace with the fastest-moving market we have ever seen. Those who work in social marketing are a nimble, tireless bunch—and it’s my privilege to lead a company that helps such a talented group do bold things.

Today, I’m happy to announce that Spredfast has raised $50 million in growth equity.

With this new round, we’re going to do three things: First, we’ll help marketers show the tremendous value of the work they do, and how that work can help them achieve business goals. Second, Spredfast will continue to aggressively innovate and go deep in the areas where we specialize, like social care, brand marketing, and media solutions. And finally, where we don’t specialize, Spredfast will continue to connect to other best-in-class solutions, expand the connected ecosystem, and free businesses from the “marketing clouds”.


Marketers Have a Clear Choice

Marketers want to do bold work that matters, but they’re also being asked to demonstrate how social is driving business goals. To keep pace with this lightning-fast market, technologies in the social space have to go deep, but also have breadth, in order to deliver value. We don’t believe the “marketing clouds”, which try to build or buy one of everything, can do that. When you try, all you end up with is a set of mediocre tools that don’t work very well—plus, you’re competing with everyone. That’s simply not a fight you can win - nor is it a recipe for innovation. A tool that’s not fully integrated with any of the other technologies in the stack doesn’t sound like a cloud; it sounds like quicksand.

The only way to deliver depth and breadth, and do it well, is to build a connected platform and free social from the “marketing clouds”.

That’s why we have a different approach. Where we’re already market leaders, we’ll continue to go deep and innovate. To deliver breadth, we’ll connect with even more best-in-class partners. To make social programs smarter, we’ll continue connecting our products to each other, sharing data across our platform and ecosystem. And because we know it’s critical, we’ll continue to provide the best customer experience in the business.

Unlike anyone else in this space, we have the technical capability — and the strategic vision and desire — to be open to adjacent innovation. We believe our ‘go deep and connect’ philosophy inspires our customers to want to work with us, and it’s why our investors are backing us again today.

We Co-Own the Customer Journey

While I’m mentioning our customers, it’s worth noting that none of this would be possible without great people. At Spredfast, we truly co-own our customer’s social journey, and we are out on the digital limb with them every day. Because our customers have a lot of faith in us, we’re committed to making sure that faith is well-placed. It’s why leading analyst firms like Forrester have recognized our work. In last year’s Forrester SRP Wave we earned the highest score awarded for customer support.

We’ve also made additions to our leadership team to take us to the next level. We’re delighted to welcome Melissa Fruge, previously the General Counsel at HomeAway, as our Chief Legal Officer. Eric Anderson, who has 22 years’ experience in high-growth sales, became our CRO in December, and, in London, Leo Ryan joined us from Ogilvy to lead Customer Success in EMEA. Finally, also in London, Tim Collin, formerly Managing Director of EMEA for Marin Software, is joining us as our EMEA General Manager.

The future is bright. Everything works better when open—hearts, minds, and doors. We think social technology does too. We’re excited to roll up our sleeves to see what we can do with this $50 million—and to imagine what the future might look like in another 50 years.

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Rod has served as President and CEO of Spredfast for the past six years, leading overall company operations and long-term strategic direction alike. Under Rod’s direction, the Spredfast team of over 500 employees helps more than 650 of the world’s largest brands connect to the people they care about most.