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As marketers and word of mouth practitioners, most of us love conferences. They deliver new information and best practices that help inspire  us step up our game for when we return to our day jobs to get the ball rolling on new initiatives. But most importantly, they remove the barriers of time, geography, stature, and put us all together to network and make connections.

On the other hand, there never seems to be enough time to meet everyone you want to connect with and we always leave with a few lingering questions we didn't have the chance to ask.

WOMMA is taking the conversation to Twitter, that other venue that breaks down barriers of time, geography, and stature. This will help members and WOMM-U conference attendees connect and network before the event begins.

On Tuesday May 1, WOMMA is kicking off their #WOMMAchat series, helping promote dialogue, social connections, and idea sharing leading up to the conference. I'm excited to share that I'll be leading Tuesday's conversation, focusing on social business in the enterprise.

Whether you are a WOMMA member, attending the conference, or just a social strategist looking to connect with other like-minded professionals, join us to:

- Ask questions about social business and how to scale it across your company.

- Probe deeper into how companies are using social media beyond just marketing.

- Inquire about what leading businesses are doing to scale social media efforts from 10 to 100 to 1,000 people to make social part of their business DNA.

- Share your own insights and tips based on success you've had with social programs.

- Get a chance to network with and hear from others attending WOMM-U before you land in Chicago and start putting faces with @names.

I'm stoked to chat with and learn from the community in next week's series. Have a burning question or inspiring idea before then? Ping me @jordanv. Or better yet, start the dialogue a little early with the #WOMMAchat hashtag.

Looking forward to connecting, online and in Chicago with the people who teach and inspire me year round my fellow WOMMA members.

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