Keep Up or Catch Up: The New Social Media Pocket Guide

Three years ago, we introduced our Social Media Pocket Guide, a high-level yet comprehensive look at what we saw as the six most important social media objectives, plus sample content tactics and real-world campaign examples. Since then, the Pocket Guide has been our most popular download — month after month, year after year.

We think it’s because most social marketers are eager to stay on top of their games. In our world, change is a constant. As social has evolved, you have, too.

Well, okay most likely you all wear pants. 

In gathering all of the content for the Pocket Guide, we took time to reflect on how far we’ve all come:

  • Brands and media are connecting with audiences in more meaningful ways. It’s a conversation, not a lecture. And that’s good for everybody.

Lucky Charms #LuckyToBe campaign

Lucky Charms engaged the Pride community with its #LuckyToBe social hub, which incorporated user content celebrating diversity.

  • The consumer’s social life is nonstop. Marketers that want to reach them have to be on their toes at all times.
  • Social data is our Thor’s hammer, just like we thought it’d be. Smashing paradigms left and right, social data is an incredibly powerful agent of change. Social teams are using rich data not only to demonstrate social impact, but also to drive content and programming across all forms of entertainment and media.
  • Social content has left the Matrix. These days, brands and media are amplifying the customer voice on websites, kiosks, Jumbotrons, TV shows, and much more.
  • Everybody’s a publisher. Brands, media, consumers, your grandma…everybody’s eager to share their own opinions and content, be part of a trend, or weigh in on a hot topic.

Arby's Pharrell Hat

Arby’s jumped in on an opportune Grammy’s fashion moment with a Tweet that was relevant and timely, with a healthy dose of humor.


All in all, the Pocket Guide breaks out nine significant ways in which the social landscape has evolved in only a few years. Since most of our days are filled with strategy and execution, it’s really helpful to gain that 1000-foot perspective.

Of course, some things haven’t changed. Social teams are still working hard to build brand awareness, drive engagement and participation, generate conversions and sales leads, and deliver superior customer service. So the Social Media Pocket Guide dives into each of these objectives, exploring how today’s smartest marketers are tackling these goals. We also take a look at three more specific use cases — product launches, event sponsorships, and real-time marketing. 

The Pocket Guide is perfect as a refresh on most current school of thought in social marketing, or as a primer for new members on your social team. (And as we found out, practically everybody’s on the social team these days…)  You can keep it at your fingertips for anytime you want to brush up on best practices, double-check your measurement approach, or get inspired by more than 15 fresh examples — from HBO, Royal Caribbean, E! Entertainment, New York Life, Hollister, Snickers, US Cellular, and more.

Ready to get your copy of the brand new Social Media Pocket Guide? Download it now:


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