Know more about your buyer: Spredfast adds reviews from 100+ sites

Having grown up in New Orleans, I am often asked for my recommendations on places to go when visiting. “Yes, go here! Also, get the blue crab beignets,” I might say, or “for great music, go here”, and the inevitable “definitely not, tourist trap.” Humans are wired for this type of interaction, and this amazing power is what we now call word-of-mouth marketing. What’s more is that studies show this power works just the same coming from a complete stranger online as it does from a friend: 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


We’ve all done it. When researching which product to add to the cart, what dish to order, or where to stay, we look to the reviews of those who have already been down that path to validate our decision, tell us what not to miss, or offer a heads up on a potential problem. Simply said, reviews fuel decisions to buy. They are public descriptions of personal experiences with your brand, and not too different from the social posts you already manage today. Just like you wouldn’t ignore a passionate post on your Facebook page, we think it’s time to treat reviews like you do other social channels.

The reality for many brands is that review management is disconnected from existing workflows for customer service. This truth means most brands create inconsistent customer experiences, leave loyalty-inducing touchpoints on the table and miss the bigger picture for contextualized reviews data among other social channels. We think there’s a better way.

That’s why we are excited to announce that Spredfast now manages reviews from 100+ sites alongside all your other social channels. Integrate reviews from popular sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and much more into your existing workflows to create better, more consistent customer experiences.

Spredfast now manages reviews from 100+ sites alongside all your other social media channels.


Why you should treat reviews like you treat social

What’s the difference between someone complaining via Twitter or on a review site? We’d argue the answer is very little. Sure, the review will have more length and come with a rating, and with a tweet there’s an expectation of a speedy response, but both are still public opportunities to connect with a customer. And in either case, the person still wants to feel like they were heard, and by listening, your business gains valuable feedback. Reviews are an extension of your social channels. Whether reviews are managed by your team or a different department, your business becomes more efficient through managing them alongside other social channels.

What's the difference between someone complaining via Twitter or on a review site? We'd argue: very little.


“Some of the largest retailers and restaurant groups in the world already use Spredfast’s solution for customer service on social channels at a high level,” say Rod Favaron, Spredfast CEO. “Integrating reviews into existing workflows means a better, more consistent customer experience—no matter where a consumer wants to talk with you.”

By managing reviews alongside your social channels with Spredfast, you’ll get:

  • Visibility into ratings and reviews across all your locations, from the most important sources
  • Integration of reviews into existing workflows for easy routing
  • Tracking of your response to a review, just like with social customer service operations
  • Labeling of reviews for attribution and analytics of reviews alongside social
  • Better outcomes through a more consistent customer experience and a more efficient team

How reviews can help you understand your buyers

Reviews are personal anecdotes of an experience with your brand and offer rich data that, when fed through Spredfast’s data attribution system, provides value to the rest of the company. These reviews help you understand more about your buyers: they can help you improve products, create new ones, identify lagging local properties, or enhance in-store experiences. There is an enormous benefit for bringing these valuable ratings and reviews into the same platform where you already manage social media. Reviews data, like social media data, should influence the rest of your business.

Reviews are powerful. They influence buyer decisions, enticing the customer to add additional products they may not have initially planned on purchasing or swaying their decision whether to do business with you. For your part, reviews are an additional opportunity to make connections, resolve customer issues, gain valuable customer feedback, and increase your team’s value to the business. Managing your brand's reputation online doesn’t stop when the clock strikes 5 o'clock. Similarly, your brand’s reputation online doesn’t stop at a Tweet or Facebook post; your customers are leaving valuable feedback every day. What benefits will you gain when you start treating reviews like a social channel?

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Austin Lytle is a Director, Product Marketing at Spredfast where he works with customers and the Spredfast product team to make sure we are delivering the world's best social software platform. Austin spent three years running political campaigns in Texas and Louisiana. A New Orleans native, he is avid cyclist and lover of music and wine.