LinkedIn Makes Strides in the World of Moving Images

You already know what makes LinkedIn a unique social network: everyone on the site is there for a business, whether as a recruiter, recruitee or business looking for business. Earlier this month, LinkedIn rolled out two new capabilities: video for sponsored content and video for company pages. According to Wyzowl, a company specialized in animated explainer videos, 79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product, and 84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase after watching a brand's video. These stats alone solidify the outsize impact of video marketing and its effect on consumer decision making. With these most recent LinkedIn updates, marketers finally have a chance to not only promote their product and brand via video but build their brand story—right in someone's LinkedIn feed.

While the world LinkedIn operates within is business-centric and industry-related, it’s still a social network created specifically for networking. As a brand, you have every opportunity to find yourself not only on an individual's feed but a business' feed as well. LinkedIn might be the obvious choice to tap into B2B audiences as you can filter by career specifications, but that also opens up the opportunity to find your specific target market in a B2C framework.

Pro Tip: It’s important to remember while B2B and B2C buyers’ journeys are incredibly similar, the tone and the sell is different when you are dealing with business-minded decision-makers.

Sit tight, because we’ll show how you, as a marketer, can optimize your video campaigns using LinkedIn’s new video features:

Navigating the native video capability

When LinkedIn first rolled out their ‘native video’ capability, it was limiting. Members could only post videos via their LinkedIn app or with YouTube links, while advertisers were only given pre-roll or post-roll abilities. Now, LinkedIn’s new video for sponsored content roll-out will help marketers place their videos right on the news feed as stand-alone, auto-playing posts.

When employing videos in your digital campaign, it’s important to keep length in mind. In research for an upcoming whitepaper on video marketing best practices, we found that 76% of brand video content is less than 10 minutes long and videos under 1-2 minutes receive the most likes and comments per impression. In the coming weeks, watch for the launch of this asset—and in the meantime, check out our Social Media Pocket Guide, which provides a comprehensive overview of how best to run social marketing programs.


Videos under 1-2 minutes receive the most likes and comments per impression.


Pro Tip: Keeping your video content short, sweet and to the point can benefit your brand as you’re able to capture your audience and make your short sell.

As with any content, you want to make sure you’re talking to the right people. Luckily, LinkedIn has a nice suite of B2B targeting capabilities you can apply to push your campaign in the right direction. Their targeting suite allows you to find the audience you need by narrowing down to topics like job title, industry, skills, company name and more.

Even further, they offer Matched Audiences, which let you incorporate website retargeting, contact targeting and account targeting. Website retargeting gives you, as a company, the power to define your audience by the people who have already been viewing your profile. Contact targeting gives you the ability to construct your custom audience by uploading email lists or even connecting the contact management platform your office employs. Lastly, account targeting lets you run account-based marketing campaigns powered by their own collected data. LinkedIn enables you to supply your list of desired company targets while they do the work of matching you to the plethora of Company Pages on their site.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on who’s already watching—this can let you determine similar companies you might be missing but know will have an interest in what you’re putting out there.

Tell your brand’s story

Breathing life into your brand is key. You want to be able to offer a front-facing personality that will resonate with your audience. Recognizing that making real connections is more than a swift click of a “connect” button on their site, LinkedIn’s newest video for Company Pages gives brands an opportunity to build their reputations while also attaining and retaining their audiences. After the success of member videos last fall, the decision that company pages should be able to share their stories, too is a major win for branding. LinkedIn's update gives your brand the room to promote new products as well as providing your audience with an earnest look into your company culture. A peek behind the curtain can aid in your recruitment efforts as well as garner new business.

Pro Tip: Training in-house video storytellers can help your company save on extra expenses. These days, smartphone camera quality is strong enough for producing your day-to-day content. If aiming for more professional content, you’ll need to invest in higher-tech software, cameras, etc.

As the role of video marketing is expanding in the B2B arena, it’s good that LinkedIn can offer the B2B marketers on their website the appropriate channel on which to succeed. In a report by Demand Metric in October of 2017, they found that the average B2B company produces over 30 videos a year and in that same report that more than 70% of B2B marketers indicate that video converts better than other content types. When considering B2B video marketing, think: product explainers, how-to’s, customer success stories, and more.

When considering B2B video marketing, think: product explainers, how-to’s, customer success stories, and more.


Pro Tip: As a B2B brand, you might not have experience with video storytelling. Don’t let that stop you from using tactics like humor in your campaigns. Creating emotion with your audience often leads to deeper connections and action.

Read between the views

As in any other digital marketing campaign, you want to be able to see if your LinkedIn video campaign is working or not. Luckily, video content offers some of the most explicit reads on ROI. As with any social site, there is the need to measure your successes, and with the new Sponsored Content feature you can, in real time, see insights on your campaign through detailed breakdowns on who's watching, converting and engaging with your video ads. Using their integrated Conversion Tracking you can measure the leads, website visits, sign-ups, etc. that can factor into whether or not you find your video campaign a success.

Pro Tip: Shares and views are important but aren’t the central drivers of conversions; instead, watch for how long people are viewing and who’s clicking through.

LinkedIn marks the latest social site to offer more advanced video capabilities. When creating your next social video campaign, regardless of the network, it's imperative you know how to break through and be seen and heard on a news feed. The continuing growth of video on social is changing the way businesses speak to each other and consumers. Keep in mind the length of your video and what will best help tell your story, remember that showcasing your brand’s personality is just as important as the products, and you can find that video marketing can not only aid you in fostering deeper consumer connections but retaining the business you have already worked hard to acquire.

Editor's Note: Staying relevant to local audiences can be a difficult task for global brands. Tune into our Smart Social London to hear from experts on how you can create that authentic localized content your audiences crave.


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