LinkedIn rolls out 'showcase' pages for businesses

LinkedIn has been adding new features at a rapid pace. With news of Pulse's integration still fresh from last week, LinkedIn announced yesterday that they would soon be releasing showcase pages for businesses. The pages will exist for companies to curate content specific to one area of their business. LinkedIn sees this as invaluable not only for companies, looking to highlight particular sectors of their business, but also for users who are looking for focused company news.

The showcase pages will have performance monitoring built into the platform's analytics.

Cisco is already debuting three showcase pages: enterprise networks, security products, and another page titled 'Internet of Things,' which provides tech specific news. Users can follow the individual showcase pages without connecting to the parent company, and businesses will be able to manage up to 10 pages free of charge. Companies Microsoft and Hewlett Packard are also currently sporting showcase pages, and the feature will roll out globally in the coming days.



We're interested to see how this can facilitate targeted marketing efforts, but what do you think about the new features? Are you excited for the new LinkedIn changes?


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Caitlin Greenwood

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