Making Facebook Content Newsfeed-Worthy

In the world of Facebook, the news feed has become the heart of all activity and visibility. Rather than visiting individual profiles or Brand Pages, the way most of us are introduced to new updates and ideas is by scrolling through our News feed "“ usually many, many times a day. And for brands, this means that catching the attention of your audience requires consistently compelling content so they can engage your Fans from where they are browsing through a sea of other activity.

With the release of Timeline for brands, the social network is now placing more emphasis on organic engagement to ensure content is actually meaningful. In short, it"™s less about the custom experiences and applications and more about - you guessed it "“ everyday, engaging content.

So what"™s a company to do to increase the chances of being seen in the News feed and build up trust with the Facebook Edgerank algorithm to continue (and increase probability of) getting inclusion there?

Get your Fans"™ and social customers"™ attention by thinking like them. And create content that maps to their interests. Think of your target audience, your most active customer or the biggest advocate in your community, and go through the following exercise of questions from the perspective of what would resonate with them.

Tell me a little about yourself
I might have originally liked you on Facebook to get discounts or specials, but each time you share updates about company events, community programs or a peak behind the scenes of your unique company culture, I find myself more connected to your brand emotionally.

What visuals can you show to pique my interest?
My News feed is full of text and lengthy updates, and I typically only scan the first few words or keywords. Help me find your interesting content by using photos and visuals to stand out in the News feed clutter.

Show me your chops.
I like the products and services you offer. But I also Liked you because you are a leader in your industry. From tips on new ways to use your products to positioning papers and eBooks with new, original ideas to help me as a consumer and/or professional, I enjoy getting smarter and look to social connections like you to help me.

Help me find that"¦
Old product that isn"™t sold in stores, episode of the TV show that I can"™t find on cable or answer to a question I can"™t seem to find on your website. Serendipitous discoveries like this add an element of joy to my day "“ especially when I wasn"™t even looking for it in the first place.

Don"™t lump me in with the stuff I don"™t care about
How does learning about a special in a different country or region help me? And that update you made, totally not in my interest area. Utilize targeting features like the ones Facebook recently announced to impact me with the exact messages I care about.

Fix it!
I had a moment of frustration and posted on your Wall about it. But then you jumped right in and helped me work through the issue. Now there"™s a story I"™ll share with my friends.

What I think ...
"¦well, I don"™t normally dive into brand conversations, but since you asked "“ yes, I"™ll share some feedback on my favorite new product in your Spring line or how your services help me around my house. And what a small world, my other friends just chimed in  and I realized we have such similar tastes.

What can I see behind the scenes?
I admit it, VIP offers make me feel special. After liking you and seeing your "social only" deals, I"™ll definitely keep an eye out for future opportunities to get social specials and "behind the scenes" info.

Take our connection to the next level.
I don"™t keep a bookmark of your actual brand page, but after seeing your funny/interesting/helpful update in my Newsfeed, I clicked through and see you have an interactive section of your Page. Wow, I can upload photos and submit ideas to win something I want in return? Cool. Of course I"™ll share!

Have a favorite way social brands engage you from the newsfeed? Share below. And while you"™re at it, download the full version of the Making Facebook Content Newsfeed-Worthy tipsheet.

This topic was originally discussed on MediaPost.

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