Making More Room for Social Care: Twitter Removes DM Limits

Question: How do you further aggravate a frustrated customer?

Answer: Cut them off as they're trying to file a complaint.


By removing the 140-character limit on Direct Messages, Twitter has opened the door for more impactful, complete social customer care.

It’s no secret that the 140-character limit has made quick resolution difficult for both customers and brands. “Often times, we’ve had to send multiple Tweets for customer support questions that required a bit more information,” says Laura Wooding, Spredfast’s own Content and Community Manager.

Twitter, for their part, is placing a larger emphasis on making it easier to use their platform to address care issues. Since Direct Messages have long served as the pathway of choice for brands to move issues to resolution, this limit lift only strengthens the platform's care capabilities.

On the brand front, Twitter has released a playbook on how brands can execute social care on their platform more effectively. By expanding the character limit on DMs to 10,000, Twitter not only enhances care opportunities but also creates openings for brands to delight their audiences.

Spredfast is Ready

You’ve Tweeted, and we’ve listened. To give our customers the best experience, we’ve quickly updated the Spredfast platform to help you take advantage of these new capabilities:

Within the Inbox, Conversations customers can now receive direct messages greater than 140 characters and see the full text in both the stream item and in the item details side pane. Starting tomorrow, customers will also be able to send direct messages with more than 140 characters, up to the new 10,000 character limit.

This change should help brands use Twitter more effectively for customer service. "Brands can now successfully resolve service interactions through Twitter within Conversations, rather than breaking up messages to customers into many small chunks, or asking customers to leave their desired service channel to provide more information," said Adam Holzband, Spredfast Product Manager in charge of the Conversations Inbox.

This is only the beginning of Twitter's efforts to make Tweets and Direct Messages the premier destination for customer care. Learn more about how Spredfast enables care teams to provide the best customer care to their audiences within our solutions tabs.

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Austin Lytle

Austin Lytle is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Spredfast where he works with customers and the Spredfast product team to make sure we are delivering the world's best social software platform. Austin spent three years running political campaigns in Texas and Louisiana. A New Orleans native, he is avid cyclist and lover of music and wine.