Making Social at Scale a Reality for Big Brands

Over the last six months, the social business arena has continued to grow and evolve.  Facebook transitioned Brand Pages to Timeline, newcomers like Pinterest continued to skyrocket in popularity, and brands across all major industries started to expand the ranks of their once small social teams into bona fide social organizations.

It's been a fun ride for those of us making our business in social. For the Directors of Social Media, who have suddenly found themselves at the helm of sizable organizations, it has been an epic quest to achieve social at scale.

At Spredfast we've focused on making social at scale a reality for these growing organizations and big brands.  This mission is two fold.  First, brands need easy access to the right networks and the right conversations.  Second, they need the bandwidth to actually engage in all of these conversations in all of the ways that their audience expects them to.

To tackle these challenges, we've continued to develop the technology that makes social at scale a reality for big brands and the agencies that support them.

Talk to more people

  • It's simple, if you activate your employees to speak on your behalf, you will experience more organic engagement.  Customizable access controls ensure that teams across your organization can participate in social in an organic way that makes sense for their role.  Approval paths allow these individuals to engage as they see fit while ensuring editorial oversight.
  • When engaging with more members of your audience, you need to know that incoming communications are reaching the right people in your organization.  Message delegation brings coordination, control, and flexibility to centralized publishing and engagement within distributed organizations.  It allows big brands to coordinate activity among internal stakeholders and any external agencies involved.
  • With multiple team members participating in social, it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Message level details make sure that everyone is aware of past interactions on a given topic or with a particular individual.  This shared context empowers team members to have informed conversations.


Engage in more places

  • Big brands need to engage efficiently.  Our new publishing interface makes coordinating engagement and publishing across social channels and accounts easier and quicker than ever before.  With just a few clicks users can publish content across all of the major social channels while optimizing versions for each channel.
  • Valuable social conversations take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To keep up with the conversation, we offer a mobile application, available through the iTunes store, that allows Spredfast users to engage on the go.


Have more meaningful conversations

  • With hundreds and sometimes thousands of incoming conversations, comments, and inquiries across the social web every day, organizations need ways to streamline workflows.  Spredfast allows users to automate the triage and response of these interactions, which allows teams to focus more on engagement and less on the mechanics of responding at scale.
  • With engagement at the heart of social today, it's not just about managing quantity, your social audience expects quality.  Our Message Level Dashboard allows teams to comparatively analyze the performance of individual Facebook posts and campaigns.  By comparing metrics like Virality, Impressions, and Negative Feedback at the post or campaign level, content teams can gain the insight they need to constantly refine their engagement strategies and tactics.
  • Along with improving the quality of daily engagement, organizations must continuously look for new opportunities to offer meaningful and unique experiences to their target audiences.  Spredfast Facebook Applications allow brands to create rich custom experiences for their visitors on Facebook.  These Applications built by Spredfast allow brands to feature new content, campaigns, or promotions in fresh and dynamic ways.


Many of our customers already leverage these capabilities to grow their social initiatives across an average 15+ brands and 100+ social accounts.  With numerous exciting projects on the horizon here at Spredfast, we look forward to continuing to help big and growing brands to successfully navigate social at scale.

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