The Making of a YouTube Blockbuster "“ 10 YouTube Tips for Business

Someone, somewhere, is devising a plan to make a marketing video go viral right now. And while having a video go viral is a coveted achievement, it’s one that few marketers ever actually experience. In a new tipsheet “10 YouTube Tips for Business” ten tips that apply to any video marketing effort outline the best way to approach creating video for your corporate brand or marketing.

Viral VideoRather than attempting to “create” a viral video, marketers should instead focus on creating valuable content that appeals and pertains to their target audience (client, prospects, brand advocates).  By following a few simple tips, any marketers can create a strong presence on YouTube – and maybe even end up with a few blockbusters.

1. Find the right content for you brand. What will your audience find beneficial? Hospitality and consumer packaged goods companies are probably going to have vast differences in what audiences need or want to hear.

2. Use real people. Brangelina and Bennifer sell movie tickets, but YouTueb videos surge with real people doing real things.  It never ceases to amaze how an unknown person can help drive awareness or interest talking about personal experiences.

Push Button3. Give people something to do. Don’t just focus on the video view number – quantify what action you are driving. And how do you do that? Tell people in the video what they should do!

4. Use Humor (or other type of emotion). Video is more powerful than other mediums because it brings audio, visuals and movement together in one package.  That in itself creates a feeling in viewers. Embrace this opportunity and incorporate funny discussion, serious points of view or other aspects that make your content tap into emotions and thus more impactful (and memorable).

5. Add an element of surprise. Product tours and client interview rock. But sometimes, when the topic warrants it, a surprise element, comment or visual can grab attention and bring your corporate video from underwhelming to unforgettable.

6. Tag. And tag. And tag some more. How do people find content on the web? Search. And how do they find content on the web? Tags. Enough said.

7.  Include your logo or contact info. We’ve all seen some of the most unforgettable <hilarious, impactful, heartwarming, etc> videos on YouTube and thought – I wonder who made that? Don’t let your video become a hit without providing branding on who you are and how people can get in touch.

8. Annotate. The next generation of video gives viewers the opportunity to actually interact with the content. And on YouTube, that’s exactly what annotations offer – the ability to click on a live link or read a back-story while they watch.

9. Embed across your channels. Tagging will help organic video search greatly, But embedding videos on your own owned media channels ensures that you reach the people in your community.

10. Reach out and share. Don’t limit your sharing to embeds on your channels. Reach to reporters, bloggers or brand advocates to share on your behalf. Get creative in who you can share with to make a bigger splash.

Check out the full YouTube Tipsheet for in-depth ideas on how to put these tips to use in your real-world scenarios. And of course, if you have any personal favorite tips or success stories using YouTube, share them with us here!



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