Marketing at the Speed of Life: Mass Relevance and Spredfast Merge

MR-SF-Inline-blogToday, I’m proud and excited to announce that Mass Relevance and Spredfast are merging. For the full details, please see our press release here.

Both Mass Relevance and Spredfast are leaders in our respective industries. We’ve both grown at incredible rates over the past three years. Today, we are joining forces to grow together as one company that will meet all the social marketing needs for brands, media companies and agencies.

By teaming up, we’ll give marketers access to every piece of social data submitted in real-time, so they can uncover conversations that matter to their brand and build shared experiences that allow them to interact with their audience, both one-to-one and one-to-many. In turn, their audiences can impact, shape and advance the brand.

Why are we so excited about this announcement? In short, we want to keep you ahead of what it takes to engage audiences, and we believe our combined solutions are a match made in…. Austin, Texas. Our offices are just 8 blocks apart in beautiful downtown Austin, and we share very similar values and culture. It was a natural fit to join forces to pursue our shared passion of transforming the marketing industry.  

It’s safe to say, it’s a brand new world - or rather, a new world for brands and media companies. Consumer behavior is moving at lightning speed. Ninety percent of the digital data in the world was created in the last two years, 27% of time online is spent on social networks, and mobile connection speeds are set to increase another seven-fold over the next five years.

Marketing is about NOW, and now more than ever. That’s a real challenge for digital leaders. In conversations with over a hundred digital marketing experts, we’ve heard similar questions repeated for years. Questions such as, “How do I read my target audience and stay on top of trends? How do I adapt to their conversation? How do I use social media to listen to and engage my customers in real-time - whether it is one to one or one to many? How do I engage customers across any digital screen?”

MR-SF-blog-quoteBy merging the Spredfast and Mass Relevance functionality and innovation roadmap, we’re making it easy for any brand or media company to engage any audiences everywhere in meaningful ways. As CEO, I’m excited to play a role in putting these two huge puzzle pieces together.

I’ve known Sam Decker, CEO of Mass Relevance, for several years. Our companies went to market in social at nearly the same time. What they do is immensely complementary to Spredfast. They have taken a big step forward in giving you deeper social discovery capabilities, as well as incredibly powerful curation and digital display capabilities. Now you can connect your social efforts across all digital touchpoints, and throughout your company.

The combined company will be called Spredfast.  I will be leading the charge as CEO. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

We know that your customers move fast, and that they are in many places. We can now help ANY role in your company engage with your customers on ANY screen. We call this marketing at the speed of life. And we can help, now more than ever.

Thank you for helping us reach this point, and for continuing to help us propel the marketing industry forward as we join forces with Mass Relevance.

For more information on the merger, read more here. To learn how we can be of service please contact Please feel free to contact me at any time on Twitter at @rodfav.


Rod Favaron

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Rod Favaron

Rod has served as President and CEO of Spredfast for the past five years, leading overall company operations and long-term strategic direction alike. Under Rod’s direction, the Spredfast team of over 500 employees helps more than 650 of the world’s largest brands connect to the people they care about most.