The "Material Girl" Takes to Twitter

The “Material Girl” made her Twitter debut, with a little bit of help from her friends at Mass Relevance. To build up buzz for the launch of her MDNA album that happened on March 27, Madonna took to Twitter for the first time and hosted a Q&A chat with her fans. After a very successful launch of the Album, culminating in it reaching #1 on Billboard 200 chart, Madonna decided to host another fan Q&A on Twitter the following week.

It wasn’t just her crazy concert going fans that showed up to chat. Everybody who idolizes the material girl, from the average fan, to celebrities, to industry experts, joined in. Madonna’s conversations ranged from a quick answer of a question posted by a fan, to back and forth dialogue with Britney Spears, Lionel Richie and Perez Hilton.

How it was done

Using the Mass Relevance platform Madonna’s fans were able to view the Q&A live on All questions including #AskMadonna or mentioning @MaddonaMDNAday were filtered and then put into the queue for Madonna to answer. As she answered the questions her replies were tagged via the Mass Relevance platform and matched with the corresponding question making it easy for fans to follow the conversation.

Connecting fans to the brand = success

A social strategy that intimately connects fans to a brand can drive to strong engagement results. Madonna’s follower count grew roughly 300% over the course of the two Q&A sessions that were a week a part. Over 179,400 approved questions were received over the two different events. At its peak, the conversation generated 1,434 Tweets per minute(TPM), with an overall average of 635 TPM. At 10:26, before Madonna had announced her arrival the TPM hit its low of 228. Just six minutes later, when she announced her arrival the conversation spiked to its peak TPM of 1,434.

This may leave you asking, when will the “material girl” take the reigns of her account again? A question no one knows that answer to. All we do know is that she hit #1 on the Billboard charts, a place she has become very accustomed to.

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