Meet Social Media: New Videos from Mass Relevance

Meet Social Media - A complicated, and often confusing topic in all of our lives as marketers. To break down both the challenges and opportunities brands face in harnessing Social Media, the Mass Relevance team assembled a colorful cast of characters to showcase how real-time, social content can be tamed and used to inspire your audience, no matter where they are. As you’ll see from the videos, sourcing and filtering the right content is only part of the equation. Determining how you want to bring Social Media to life is where things really get interesting.

Social Media Meets Mass Maps

Mass Maps provides a layer of geographic context to social conversations, creating additional meaning and connections between real-time conversations.


Social Media Meets Mass Expressions

Mass Expressions creates a call to action that will pull people in to contribute, participate and share. Providing a prompt with a fill in the blank guides the social conversation and empowers consumers to generate brand-relevant content.


Social Media Meets Mass Trends

Mass Trends takes social media and makes sense of what everyone is saying by displaying the trending topics, words, hashtags or phrases in any conversation. You can show your audience what’s hot, cool, and gaining traction in any social media conversation, and drop that visualization anywhere.


Social Media Meets Mass Polls

Mass Polls creates participation anywhere, creating a call to action, asking your audience a question, allowing them to amplify your site to their followers, and displays results in real-time.


Social Media Meets Mass Leaderboard

Mass Leaderboards organize social data to visualize fan favorite content or consumer preference to drive awareness and spur engagement. Using social conversations to power leaderboards gives your audience interesting insight while lowering the barrier for people to join the conversation.


All of the videos above highlight some of the most popular visualizations from the Mass Relevance Product Studio. To learn more about how you can integrate social content using over 30 customizable visualizations, email us at

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