Meet Tim Barker, Spredfast's New CFO

Today, Spredfast welcomes a new member to our growing team. We’re thrilled to introduce Tim Barker as Spredfast’s Chief Financial Officer.  Before getting to work, Tim sat down with me to share a personal introduction and preview what lies ahead in his new role. 

Tim Barker

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a native Texan, I was born in West Texas and moved to Dallas when I was two.  I grew-up playing soccer, and was a high school wrestler.  I learned a lot from wrestling.  I was a state champion and I think when you’re performing at that level you really learn a lot about discipline, a strong work ethic—the way I go about things came a lot from the wrestling background.

I went to Texas Tech, came back to Dallas and started at Arthur Anderson as an auditor.  I got married to a Longhorn and we have four kids and three dogs.  I like to snow skiing, water sports and cycling. 

What drove your decision to join Spredfast?

It’s an exciting market, a fantastic product suite for our customers, a strong leadership team. You need all that to support growth.  The first thing you evaluate is, “Is the market really that big?”  And yes, the market seems plenty big enough. Then, “Do they have a product to compete?”  Yes, they have a product to compete.  “Can this team take it there?”  Yes, I have absolutely faith in the leadership team and the evaluations they’ve made about the market.   Same thing with the investors, I like the investor base.  They’ve made the same decision to validate the market, the team, and the product set.  So I looked at all those and said, does all that fit?  And can I help grow this company? And this seems like the right time period for me to come in and help drive the company forward.

What will you be focused on as CFO of Spredfast?

Three primary areas: The first is the solid financial system and process foundation for the next step of growth.  

The second is strong financial modeling, projection models and visibility.  Continuing to build processes to get a strong comfort around what future results are going to be.

And then lastly, is capital raising.  Spredfast has raised a lot of capital, but as you continue to build toward future capital-raising events, you really need those other things—the strong financial foundation, the modeling, and the visibility into the future to go explain to investors why it all makes sense.

Now that you’re going to be in Austin on a more full-time basis, what are you most looking forward to? 

In the immediate future, I’m really looking forward to diving in headfirst on the work.  But longer-term, I’m looking forward to enjoying the downtown Austin scene and surrounding Hill Country.  My wife is a Longhorn and I’m a Red Raider, but even as a Red Raider, you really appreciate the Austin vibe. And maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get out on the bike a bit. 

The SaaS space, especially for social, is constantly evolving.  How do you stay up-to-date on movement in the market?

When I’m looking at companies, I’m following them from a financial perspective.  Looking at financial metrics, modeling metrics, reading their S1 documents, looking at all their earnings press releases, I listen to their conference calls or look at their scripts. 

There’s investment bankers that follow the space and they call or come into the office about once a quarter.  I talk to the bankers, they all have summary publications that say, “here’s what all the SaaS guys are doing”.

Then there are the analysts, both the buy-side and the sales-side, the ones that cover the companies and write on whether they are good investments. I read analyst reports and talk to analysts on a regular basis.

That’s the lens through which I view this market.

How do you plan to hit the ground running?

I’m already running, I’m doing a lot of listening.  When you are managing the finances of a growing company, I don’t think one size fits all.  I want to add value where it makes sense based on the near term priorities of the company. In a growth company, those priorities change almost on a daily basis.  You have to do all of this while also setting a foundation for the future. 

While finance and accounting are my main focus, I’m curious to understand what Sales, Marketing, Implementation, and Services are up to.  Early on, it’s a lot of listening and learning. 

I’m really looking forward to attending the Spredfast Summit as well.  As one of the two big tentpole events of the year, it’s a great opportunity to get a ton of our customers in one place and get a pulse check on the business.  It’s like drinking from the firehose, being able to listen and learn a bit more about where things intersect—that’s a great opportunity to get up to speed very quickly. 

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