Miracle At Spredfast: Virginia Becomes Marketing Hall of Famer

Here is Virginia presenting a keynote at this year's SF Summit on testing & adapting in social.


WOMMA Summit recognizes the best and the brightest in Marketing and this year our very own Chief Customer Officer, Virginia Miracle has been honored with her induction into the WOMM Hall of Fame. Spredfasters know that Virginia Miracle, is one of the most passionate contributors to WOMM (Word of mouth marketers) in the industry and now she's a Hall-of-Famer. So, before the crowds swarm, we sat down with her to ask a few questions about WOMM (Word of mouth marketing) and this thrilling achievement.


How does social media intersect with WOMM?

While the vast majority of Word of Mouth conversations about brands or experiences still take place offline, social media brings added value. For example, recommendations shared in social media differ from offline conversations in a few ways. Social media captures conversations in amber, making them searchable and indexable for future reference and research. Secondly, do you value a recommendation from stranger above a trusted friend? While both recommendations add value to our lives, WOMM through social media provides added value long after the initial conversation. That’s why I was so compelled to join Spredfast in our mission to use data to empower new ways for brands and media to connect with their audiences.


How does a Chief Customer Officer become a Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Famer? What’s a CMO to do?

I am in a lovely role, where I get to create valuable experiences that drive new customers to Spredfast through organic referrals. Nothing is more exciting than seeing great marketers recommend us or bring us with them in their go-to toolkit as they move around in their careers. Our formula is simple: we bring value to our customers and they reward us with brand loyalty and referrals. Now if you break it down there is a myriad of decisions we make to go above and beyond what’s currently available in the market, but I'll save the pitch. And our CMO, Jim Rudden, can rest easy. I’m not gunning for his job. It’s quite the opposite. I want to support his team and the entire Spredfast family by bringing new customers to the table with our amazing network.


On day two of WOMMA Summit, Nate Elliott said that Word of Mouth Marketing isn’t working? What did he mean?

You have to hand it to him for telling a room full of passionate practitioners that it’s not working. Was it a tense moment? Yes. Did he have our full and undivided attention? Absolutely. So, let’s dig into what he actually meant because his points are valid and I think it could have a very productive impact on our industry. Here’s what I got from his discussion. (1) Until marketers and technology vendors move beyond social vanity metrics to reporting strong business metrics, WOM and social will not receive a budget equal to their value. (2) We have to give up on the “but ad metrics and out-of-home are also wonky” defense. While it may ring true, no one cares. We have to power through the obstacles to find real value in social connections for our customers. As our CEO, Rod Favaron, said at Summit 2015, “it’s not impossible, it’s hard.” And we’re ready for the challenge.


As of last night, Virginia Miracle became the newest inductee into the WOMM Hall of Fame and we couldn't be more proud. Want to see what she does next? Follow her on Twitter


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