MTV Movie Awards and Mass Relevance: Involving a Global Audience

For the second year in a row MTV hosted a Best Hero throw down as part of the MTV Movie Awards, this time with a special twist: voters could show their support through both Twitter and Instagram. MTV’s goal was to make the audience feel part of the award show experience, and to drive social discussion across multiple social networks leading up to and during the event. To achieve these goals, MTV built a voting platform using Mass Relevance’s API, beautifully designed by Stamen Design in which fans could both vote using their hero’s hashtag and see the results. 

Over the course of two weeks, the experience received well over 3.2 million votes on Twitter and Instagram combined. While an overwhelming majority of votes came through Twitter, Instagram was a great source of user-generated content that made this voting experience unlike any other they have done in the past.

Tapping into the passion of fans is one thing, but effectively utilizing social word of mouth is quite another. Building an experience with the Mass Relevance API allowed MTV to succeed on both fronts. We were able to capture only relevant, real-time conversations while lowering the barrier for people to weigh in, generate more buzz, and increase awareness leading up to the live event and throughout the show.” – Michael Scogin, VP, Mobile, MTV

On-Air Calls to Action: The Key to Success

The @MTV twitter account kept the buzz and anticipation going for two weeks, which in an age where attention is expensive and difficult to maintain, is impressive. However, what stood out the most were the on-air calls to action. During the pre-show, viewers were reminded to vote for their favorite hero; the minute following the call to action received 400% more engagement than the previous minute. Similarly, the on-air call to action during the Awards drew an impressive 640% boost in conversation. The reveal of the winner shortly thereafter kept the conversation alive with fans either celebrating the victory of their hero or expressing sadness.  

Trending Topics Across the Globe: 

With their savvy use of social channels in generating buzz weeks before the event, MTV Movie Award terms and hashtags trended across the globe in eight different countries and across a variety of topics. The #voteBilbo crowd got the hashtag trending not only in more than thirty five US cities, but across more than sixty other cities around the world including London, Dublin, and Milan. Fans voting for #voteSnowWhite saw even wider trending patterns, with Twitter Trends seen throughout the US, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and more. MTV saw it’s own brand trending across the globe as well, seeing a worldwide trend and local trends reaching as far as South Africa.


Involving your audience has never been easier, and the results are clear. A solid social strategy to engage customers, both in lead-up and during an event or campaign, can help generate buzz, encourage fan participation, and make your event be a worldwide success, just like MTV. While at Mass Relevance we all agreed that this was a phenomenally executed experience, there was a lot of friendly bickering around our favorite hero! 



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