Need a (social media) Miracle?

A few weeks back Virginia Miracle, our new EVP of Customer Success, and I sat down over coffee to debate social, brands, evolution, software and the future.  Most of our conclusions are super top secret and the world isn"™t ready to hear them, but here are a few thoughts from that meeting.

- The social web is real and not going anywhere"¦check.

- Consumers and business customers are being influenced by the social web"¦check.

- As a brand, it"™s daunting to integrate these social realities into the business"¦check.

- Lot"™s of companies are trying to add value between the big brands and the social web"¦check.

The world between the brands and the social web is evolving and growing up.  How is this world evolving?

What the heck are people saying about my brand on social?  That was the first question asked a few years ago.  Radian 6 showed up to help answer that question.

I"™ve just hired a social media intern (complete with a hoodie), how can they keep up with a couple social accounts?  Hootsuite and Tweetdeck showed up to help answer that question.

Holy cow I need a Facebook page(s) now.  Along came Buddy Media and Vitrue to do a little creative and write some HTML.

Now what?  What are the next questions we are hearing from big brands?

- How do I manage social strategically?

- How do I coordinate the work of 100"™s of employees and partners around the world?

- How do I manage 500 social accounts?

- How do I enable my people to be social"¦while having some order in the chaos?

- How can I use paid options like Facebook ads to amplify brand content for increased engagement?

- How can I have social media rules and policies while not seeming to have rules and policies?

- How can I see if it"™s all working and helping my business?

This is a hard problem. This isn"™t building a socially-enabled web page. It can"™t be approached with a simple consumer tool. This requires depth and breadth in social and software.  This is Spredfast.  We believe, when the dust settles, brands will run their social business on Spredfast.

Of course we"™d like to think software solves 100% of the problem"¦but we know that"™s not the case.  It"™s a combination of great technology and "know-how" combined for success.

Virginia and her "know how" team at Spredfast are here to help our customers make social part of their everyday business.  As for the rest of the company"¦well, we are all here to help Virginia by providing a social media management system that enables brands to organize and scale their social media initiatives.

Need a Miracle?

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