New Features! Geo Mapping, “Geo Hinting™”, ‘Retweet Count’ Rule

Our social curation platform is ever-evolving.  As we get feedback from clients and their audiences we quickly build new capabilities to meet the needs of media and brands. There are new features in our platform every week. Occasionally we will highlight the big product enhancements in this blog.

Geo Mapping/Tweet Mapping

Is there buzz? Where is their buzz? Where are people talking about a certain topic? These are the questions that our new Geo Mapping visualization will answer.

Geo Mapping is a new feature that shows where tweets are coming from, based on the geo coordinates attached to tweets. We built a re-skinnable and resizeable map module that can fit on any web site, mobile site, or Facebook page to plot the geo coordinates for tweets in a curated stream.

Visualizing tweet data geographically is not only visually appealing, but can give valuable insight into the nature of the Twitter conversation on your topic of choice. Understanding the geographic reach of the tweets in your stream allows you to determine both ‘hot spots’ and ‘dead zones’ in the Twitter conversation (around your brand, product, show, hashtag, etc.), enabling you to follow up in those target areas with appropriate action.

Geo Hinting

As we built this module to display plotted tweets, we ran into an apparent problem. We realized that geo coordinates are only attached to a small percentage of tweets (less than 5% on average in our tests), which made the activity on the map infrequent and uninteresting. To address these, we created a unique algorithm and service we call “Geo Hinting™”.

Geo Hinting is the first ever service that allows us to annotate tweets with best-guess geo coordinates when none previously existed. Coordinates are assigned based on information that exists in a tweet author’s profile information. We are able to take a users profile location, determine the geo coordinates for the city listed and then plot the tweet. Geo Hinting allows us to plot a much larger percentage of tweets then previously possible (roughly 30%, on average). Geo Hinting strengthens Geo Mapping.

‘Retweet Count’ Rule

The Mass Relevance platform is all about finding, discovering and aggregating high quality content. There are many rules that allow you to get at quality, but we just added a very exciting one that can enable the audience to help you find quality tweets.

The Retweet Count rule is a new rule condition that allows the user to target tweets that have been retweeted a certain number of times. A probable use of this rule is to automatically approve the most-frequently-retweeted tweets on a particular topic, in order to hopefully surface the most popular tweets in a stream.

An example of the rule in action:

If you wanted a stream about the NBA Finals, bring in everything that contains ‘#NBAFinals’ and, by default, keep all tweets held for moderation (in our ‘pending’ queue). Then set a rule to approve any tweets that have been retweeted at least ‘x’ times (in this case, let’s say 30). This would then automatically approve any tweet containing the hashtag #NBAFinals that has been retweeted at least 30 times. This produces a stream of the top retweeted (and perhaps most popular) tweets about the NBA Finals -- a valuable source of content for integration into any NBA-centric website or mobile app.

Our goal is to stay ahead for our clients, creating innovative features that enable you to create engaging experiences and results. And in this space, we have to move fast! If you want to be alerted on the latest features or best practices in social curation & integration, follow us on Twitter @massrelevance.

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