The New York Giants Win Big with Social

The New York Giants have had a lot to celebrate this past year. Success on the field led to a Super Bowl championship while success in social media drove record engagement. The 87-year-old team has quickly become a model for how a once traditional organization can embrace change and win big with social media.

Beginning in the preseason, the Giants tapped into the Twitter conversation by promoting #NYGiants on-screen during games. The prominent and persistent display of a hashtag is a proven tactic for prompting an organized conversation on Twitter. The Giants curated this conversation and showcased relevant tweets in the lower-third banner on-screen. The on-air call-to-action, persistent hashtag, and pay-off display of relevant tweets is the perfect recipe for stimulating a robust conversation with viewers watching the game.

The curated Twitter conversation also became a prominent part of the Giants experience in the stadium itself. Relevant tweets were displayed in the ribbon graphics around MetLife Stadium, providing thousands of fans another reason to participate in the #NYGiants conversation taking place on Twitter.

Facilitating conversation about the team during the game is paramount, but the Giants also looked for ways this season to engage with fans when the players weren’t on the field. One of their more clever solutions was through a weekly Twitter poll that went up on after each game. For the next several days the poll asked fans to vote on the “Extra Effort” player of the last game. The benefit here is when a fan votes in a Twitter poll their vote goes out as a tweet, amplifying the brand and message. It’s a simple mechanism to engage fans with a direct call-to-action after a game with the added bonus of amplification.

The Giants’ efforts to engage with fans before, during and after games through multiple social media touchpoints paid off with high levels of engagement and a large number of new followers. Watch Don Sperling, VP and executive producer of NY Giants Entertainment, discuss their successes with Bloomberg TV.

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