The Next Chapter Begins: Spredfast Raises $18m in Venture Capital

The Spredfast story is grounded in our customers"™ journey to connect their brands to the social web.  I"™m continually humbled by the trust our customers place in us.  If you are a current Spredfast customer, know we are focused every day on delivering the platform and services you need to be successful.  This is all we do. Today begins the next chapter in our journey. I"™d like to welcome Adam Marcus and the OpenView Venture Partners team to the Spredfast family. OpenView is the lead investor in our C round of funding.  They join Austin Ventures and InterWest Partners to give us a great set of venture investors. In 2011, I wrote a blog post about the second inning of social.  We had just closed our B round of funding and the market was starting to take shape.  In that blog post, I talked about how this market was maturing from the perspective of the social networks and the brands that were using social for better business results. The networks were moving to be more open (APIs) and to provide a rich set of marketing and communication opportunities for brands to talk with their customers.  The brands were realizing that social required more than just a couple of interns and a custom Facebook Tab. Spredfast was laser focused on what we called the "More, More, More" strategy.  How do we help brands engage more of their employees, on more social accounts to have more meaningful conversations? Social was evolving from a land grab for brand presence to a set of "always-on" communication channels. Fast-forward 18 months to today.   The second inning of social is over.  The Tab is on life support.  Social has become pervasive and is now an integral part of how businesses interact with their customers.  One of our customers is putting social in every newsroom. Another is bringing social to more than 400 university campuses. And another is developing a rich digital footprint "“ with social at the heart "“ for every one of their local stores. And virtually every social network has announced a strategic partner program for Social Marketing Platforms like ours. The focus is engagement"”all day, every day.  The challenge is how to synchronize social with your business.  To do this, companies need a scalable platform that will grow and evolve with them to meet, and exceed, the needs of their customers on social.  That platform is Spredfast.  And we are ready to take this market to the next level.

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Rod Favaron

Rod has served as President and CEO of Spredfast for the past five years, leading overall company operations and long-term strategic direction alike. Under Rod’s direction, the Spredfast team of over 500 employees helps more than 650 of the world’s largest brands connect to the people they care about most.