O Christmas Tweet: Which UK Retailer Wins the Social Buzz Battle?

It’s that time of year again. Holiday shoppers bustling to stores, exercising their credit cards, anxiously stalking retailers to buy the new, hot “it” gift for their loved ones – it’s a seasonal marathon for merchants and consumers alike. Retailers around the globe rely on the holiday season to increase sales, investing heavily in advertising to spur purchases and maintain that holiday hustle. In the UK alone, spending for commercial advertising has increased seven percent over last year, according to The 7 Stars media agency. Will boosting advert investment lead to an increase in sales for retailers though? As the market anxiously awaits the post-holiday sales data, the Mass Relevance team turned to social media as an early indicator of UK holiday ads’ effectiveness.

Merry Media Winners

Using our Social Experience Platform, we created a leaderboard that shows which UK holiday adverts are the most popular on Twitter. We filtered all of the Tweets related to the fifteen most popular UK holiday spots, and identified the top five that are dominating the social chatter. We then assigned a percentage of social conversation to each ad, pinpointing which advert is currently winning the battle for social buzz.

Winning the conversation so far is Google Nexus’ heartwarming – and tear jerking – “Container Ship” spot:

According to our Tech Holiday Gift Guide, the Nexus 5 is also one of the most talked-about electronic gifts this year. Based on the popularity of both the advert and the product on Twitter, we expect to see a steep increase in sales for the Nexus this holiday season.

John Lewis’ £7 million multi-media campaign, The Bear and the Hare, is also generating a great deal of social chatter. The retailer’s holiday advert has become one of the most anticipated events of the season, and this year it is bigger than ever. With individual Bear and Hare Twitter accounts, the John Lewis campaign is differentiating itself from other retailers by integrating social media directly with the ad.  According to The Guardian, the campaign crosses television, social media, toys, in-store events and even a mini man made forest alongside the Thames. However, it was still no match for Google’s tear-jerking story of technology uniting a family during the holidays:

Google Nexus 'Container Ship' from The Quarry on Vimeo.

Seasons of Social

Early signs indicate that UK consumer spending is up this year. In fact, Savvy Marketing states that a quarter of Britons expect to spend more this holiday season than the last. As our leaderboard shows, these holiday adverts are warming consumers up for their seasonal shopping sprint. The proof is in the [figgy] pudding though. Stay tuned for an analysis of how the advert leaderboard stacks up to post-holiday sales for these retailers.


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