Paramount Pictures features Mass Relevance’s latest product - Flock-to-Unlock

Mass Relevance announces the launch of their latest product – Flock-to-Unlock – recently featured in Paramount Pictures’ campaign “Flock-to-Unlock – Be a Part of the #MISSION.”

The Mass Relevance Flock-to-Unlock product offers a shared gamified experience where the mass audience is invited to Tweet or post relevant content via Twitter or Facebook with a common goal of unlocking a specific offer or reward. Participants can either share a pre-formatted Tweet or Facebook post or customize their own giving brands a greater ability to "de-frag" social activity and keep brand mentions on message. Relevant content is filtered, counted, and curated to display anywhere – website, Facebook page, big screen, or mobile. The flexibility of the product allows clients to bring endless creativity into the execution that may include the unlocking of a variety of offers, such as exclusive videos, funny photos, Q&A with a celebrity, or coupon codes. A single Flock-to-Unlock can have multiple thresholds along the way where the experience and rewards build upon themselves as Tweet and Facebook post volume increases.

Flock-to-Unlock drives engagement, community, and awareness for brands in a few different ways.

Addition of game mechanics spurs engagement

Adding gamification elements to a site has proven to drive increased engagement for many brands.  Forrester’s Elizabeth Shaw states that, “applying game mechanics to your marketing efforts can lead to positive engagement results — including an increase in user participation, brand sentiment, and viral word of mouth.”

With Flock-to-Unlock, Paramount Pictures was able to add a layer of game mechanics to a social onsite experience for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in order to drive engagement and traffic back to the site. In their implementation, a community of fans comes together through Facebook and Twitter to unlock exclusive footage to one of the most thrilling scenes from the new movie. The collective efforts are tracked and displayed through a counter display, which in turn encourages fans to return to the site and continue to post relevant content to their networks in order to unlock the reward.

Collaboration unlocks onsite community

Flock-to-Unlock enables onsite community through joint collaboration towards a common goal or outcome. The display can accept images of user profile avatars, submitted photos or video thumbnails. In the case of Paramount Pictures, contributors are highlighted onsite through an avatar wall, clickable Tweets, and a real-time single stream display of shared content. This enables contributors and influencers to connect and see what others are saying about the upcoming event as well as invite their friends to help unlock the special content.

Awareness amplified through existing networks

Big opportunities are presented for marketers when brands provide the tools necessary to enable their fans and customers to do the talking for them. There is an ecosystem of relevant brand, product and service conversations across social media. Being able to curate and integrate that social participation into the brand experience creates opportunities for fans and customers to amplify the brand message and gain additional followers through their networks. Flock-to-Unlock allows participants to Tweet/post content that contains a link back to a specific page. Each Tweet reaches an average of 100 to 150 followers, driving awareness and call to action to a wide social audience through the authentic voice of your customers and fans.

Visit the official site, to see the full implementation of Flock-to-Unlock.

Contact Mass Relevance if you’re interested in exploring how Flock-to-Unlock can unlock new customers, followers and visitors.

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