Powerful New Storytelling Options with Twitter and Spredfast

If you’re not first, you’re last. 2015 has been filled with firsts for Spredfast and our partners. We’re excited to share our latest “first” — an announcement coming straight out of Twitter’s Flight conference. Spredfast, a Twitter Official Partner, is one of the first curation platforms to allow our customers to distribute content curated from our Experiences product, by supporting Twitter's new Collections API and responsive grid display.

“We are excited to have Spredfast as a launch partner for this powerful new storytelling functionality, which will allow brands and media to leverage our new Collections API to create compelling content that enriches their experiences and engages their audiences,” says Mollie Vandor, Sr. Product Manager, Publisher Platform at Twitter.

As a customer, what does this mean for you?

You have the power of Experiences’ best-in-class trend discovery and content curation engine to find great Twitter content and then easily display it on Twitter and on your native app. It also means an even more powerful mobile experience across all devices—turn your curated content into a Twitter Moment, embed it into your own site using the new responsive grid, or showcase it in an Experiences Visualization, all from the same Experiences Stream.

From default rules sets to keep profanity and inappropriate content at bay, to customizable searches and filters to highlight the most engaged and brand safe content, Spredfast continues to innovate for our brand and media customers, helping them find the needles in the user-generated content haystack.

Some key customers have already begun beta testing our integration into the Collections API to power varying end experiences—from customized native apps to Moments on Twitter.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us. Spredfast Experiences customers can request access to this exciting new functionality via their customer partner.

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Zaz Floreani is a Senior Director of Business Development at Spredfast, building and managing Spredfast's Social Partnerships. When not obsessively searching for what will be the next "new new" in the world of marketing and software, she is often found eating chocolate, drinking wine, or jogging on Town Lake in Austin.