Preparing teams for social success with Spredfast Certification


We are thrilled to roll out our Spredfast Certification program today.  Our customers are leaders in their respective industries, so it is imperative that their social programs drive real business impact.  Enabling a company’s most valuable resource—their people—is a key component of any social program.

As with any technology, the true value of a social relationship platform can only be realized when it’s used to its fullest extent and adopted enterprise-wide. Users require appropriate training on features, best practices, and processes.  For companies with many social users across departments and regions, a standardized curriculum that quickly covers these topics creates a winning formula.

The Spredfast Core Certification delivers platform essentials to all Spredfast users across four key strategic elements of any social program: manage, engage, listen, and measure.  Whether a part of a brand’s core social team or as “an hour a day” contributor, all Spredfast users will be empowered with the platform knowledge needed to execute successful social programs.

In their December report captioned How Leading Companies Prepare Employees for Social Media Success, Altimeter Group describes the importance of a comprehensive social education “to activate employees outside of the core social media team… education focuses on social platforms, features, and engagement best practices.”

The Spredfast Advanced Certification will dive deeper into specialized social topics, such as analytics.  This is perfect for our social “super-users” who would highly benefit from these targeted specializations.


Improving Social Skill Consistency

Spredfast Certification contains on-demand videos, reference guides, and virtual simulations that allow users to demonstrate applied knowledge.  It empowers users to learn critical social skills, and equips them to achieve social business goals.




Leaders can track who on their team (or in the organization) has passed Core Certification and create incentives for broader team adoption.  This is a great way to promote participation and maximize the platform investment.




Promoting Knowledge Transfer Employee turnover is a reality and business continuity can be a challenge.  With the Spredfast Certification program, new employees won’t miss a beat and can quickly add value to the social team.  The on-demand curriculum allows new employees to learn at their convenience and eliminates the need to wait for the next group training opportunity or on-site visit.




Keeping Expertise Fresh We love the fact that the social landscape is constantly evolving.  It gives us an opportunity to innovate and meet the needs of our customers who are advancing the field of social media marketing.  And with social networks making dozens of changes a year, we are always kept on our toes to implement the latest network features and functionality.  This is a good thing for the social industry.  It’s growing.

But, for social users, it’s not always easy to keep up with these changes.  Maybe you have users that were trained on the platform two years ago when Spredfast was first implemented. Maybe you are expanding social to new departments.  With so many new updates and features, how can every Spredfast user in your organization be as effective as possible?


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Spredfast Certification requires an annual re-certification to provide users with up-to-date tools and knowledge. Users only need to complete new and updated sections, and will receive update alerts, so it’s painless to stay current at any time (not just annually).  

We are passionate about enabling our customers’ social success. Spredfast Certification is the latest step to that end. When brands invest in a social relationship platform like Spredfast, they are ready to move their social program forward.  Spredfast Certification gives our customers confidence that their teams are fully equipped to achieve social success.

We are pleased to announce that Spredfast Certification is available today for all customers.  For more information, please contact

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