Pricing Transparency at Spredfast

A partnership based on trust and transparency. Sounds great, right? We think so too. After all, by definition, partners are those who take on a challenge together, sharing goals and successes alike. Transparency, then, must be a given in any partnership for those common goals to be achieved.

That’s how we approach everything we do at Spredfast, from our first conversation with you to getting you up and running in the platform—and beyond. We do it because it’s the right thing to do, but also because over and over again studies have shown the value and importance of trust in business. Technology research firm Gartner even goes as far as saying that “trust drives the B2B technology buying cycle.”1

Spredfast is the smart social media software for the world's biggest companies. We are the partner of choice for enterprises looking to manage social interactions at scale, harness the power of social to understand and inspire their audiences, and build lasting relationships with customers. But powerful software is only part of why hundreds of the world’s biggest enterprises rely on us. Just as important is our commitment to transparency in everything we do.

This is our promise to you and here are three examples of where this can be seen firsthand:

Transparency in the sales cycle.

Let’s be honest. The tone of a relationship is set during the sales cycle, well before a contract is signed. That’s exactly why we have a philosophy of clear and open pricing and packaging for our platform. If we aren’t the right fit, we will tell you. If it makes sense to bring in one of our best-in-class partners, we will help you through that process. We got a 5 out of 5 for pricing transparency in the most recent Forrester Wave for Social Media Management Solutions.2 This means no obscure pricing, no unexpected additional fees.

Transparency in enablement and services.

Getting your team up and running in a new platform is obviously the first step towards success, and it doesn’t end there. We know that in global businesses, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s change. When change happens, we aren’t there to nickel and dime you over services and more training. We build in support beyond your initial deployment for the most common change management needs that we’ve seen across enterprises. On top of this, we have a single code base rather than a patchwork of customized instances for specific customers. This means we can (and do) build for configurability over customization. When you need to make simple updates in the platform like changing or adding labels, you’re empowered with everything you need to make that change quickly. And if you run into issues, our 24/7 Support Team is there to help you out.

Transparency around our platform.

We’re releasing new features and functionality all the time. Our roadmap isn’t a secret behind closed doors with our product team alone. We hold quarterly product update webinars with our customers to talk through new features they can take advantage of and what they can expect to come out over the next couple of quarters. We put out blog posts previewing new functionality and we have in-depth roadmap sessions at our customer events and conferences with open Q&A directly with our product team.

If this sounds like the type of partnership you want, we’d love to talk with you.

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1 Gartner Tech Go-to-Market: Trust Drives the B2B Technology Buying Cycle. (September 16, 2016). Barns, H., Berkowitz, T., Maziarka, M.

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Christina Burgess is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Spredfast, where she helps tell the story about how Spredfast can help every organization realize the value of social. She is a boomerang Texan, who came to Austin via Washington D.C. and she is probably daydreaming about hiking or wandering through a museum right now.