Reach the Customers You Care about with Spredfast & Crimson Hexagon

We’re pleased to announce a new level of partnership with Crimson Hexagon that strengthens our relationship with one of the leaders in the enterprise listening space. The new integration allows customers to leverage Crimson Hexagon’s sophisticated social listening technology from within the Spredfast platform. In our summer beta program, over a dozen joint customers from CPG to automotive to financial services verticals have explored the power of Spredfast and Crimson Hexagon together to manage their social presence.

Why are customers so excited about this integration?

At Spredfast, we know the best partnerships are those that solve customer problems more effectively than any single company can do on its own. We’ve also found that for certain customers, the sheer volume of social mentions about their brand make it next to impossible to reach and engage with everyone they want to. Crimson Hexagon’s vast listening reach and advanced algorithms allow users to cut through the noise and pinpoint only the most relevant conversations.

Our newly enhanced partnership with Crimson Hexagon means now customers can bring those specific, relevant social conversations into Spredfast, so social teams can engage with key audience sets and customers. Joint customers have tapped into this integration to streamline their social customer care efforts, manage potential PR crises, and target key audiences of influencers and fans.

Together, Spredfast and Crimson Hexagon allow customers to extensively cover the market. From parsing through & prioritizing social posts with Crimson Hexagon to engaging with customers in Spredfast, joint customers have even more relevant social data at their fingertips.

Together, Spredfast and Crimson Hexagon allow customers to extensively cover the market.


Turn insights into meaningful conversations

Savvy social media users look to deep listening platforms to uncover insights from social media conversations and trends. Customers look to Crimson Hexagon specifically because Crimson Hexagon has one of the more technologically advanced listening platforms on the market. They’ve been in the market since 2008 and have over 1 trillion pieces of data archived. Their machine learning expertise allows customers to parse through a broader swath of the market.

With machine learning, users can teach Crimson Hexagon what kind of posts are relevant and, conversely, which posts to ignore. You can train the algorithm to categorize posts just like a human would but at super-human speeds, in order to uncover accurate and relevant insights at scale.

In practice, this means you can sort out when someone is talking about Tide laundry detergent versus the ocean tide or the Alabama Crimson Tide. Instead of having your team spend their valuable time sorting through irrelevant posts, they can spend more time engaging with the people you care about.

For joint customers who see more than a million brand mentions a month, this integration is a game changer. Once you’ve whittled down the social conversation to relevant pieces only, you’re able to optimize your time in Spredfast. Engage with and respond to only the people you truly care about, and then track how well your teams perform.

In this Crimson Hexagon sample, sentiment is tracked and compared between Apple and Samsung products.

Learn More

Crimson Hexagon has been a member of our partner program for years, and we’re so excited go a step further with them so customers can view Crimson Hexagon searches without leaving Spredfast.

If you’re interested in learning more about Spredfast and Crimson Hexagon, check out these 5 Tips for Better Customer Care or this review of our joint webinar about the Emotional Science Behind Social Media Conversations. In addition, be on the lookout for a joint webinar in the next few weeks to learn the details of how our platforms work together.

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Cara Dolence manages Spredfast's partner programs globally to help customers realize the full value of integrating their technology stacks. Cara currently lives in London and still supports her Virginia Tech Hokies and Washington Capitals from afar.