Ready for Video on Facebook? We are.

On average there are more than 3 billion video views on Facebook every day. For media companies, brands, and other organizations looking to share their story with their audience on Facebook, video is one of the most engaging, immersive mediums to do so.

That is why we are excited to be one of Facebook’s first Media Solutions Program partners to join the new Video Publishing specialization.

Marketers are being challenged to produce more rich media, including video. We know that the media and brand marketers we work with are securing budgets and resources to prioritize video production. In kind, we have prioritized development around Facebook’s Video API so that our customers can simplify their video publishing workflow, reach the right audiences, and access rich video analytics from the convenience of Spredfast Conversations.

What Smart Video Publishing looks like within Spredfast

Spredfast Conversations users will have access to the full host of API-available publishing, targeting and customization options to create video content that reaches and resonates with their audience. This includes the ability to publish, promote, and add a call to action to video content.

Collaborating on video content within Spredfast is easy—users will be able to upload, store, share, and distribute video across their social team for use in campaigns from within the Spredfast Content Center.

As with all content published through Spredfast, users will have access to rich analytics that allow them to optimize Facebook video content and measure success. This includes natively available analytics such as the average time people spent watching a video, and the number of paid and organic views as a percentage of video completion (i.e. from start to 95% percent, from start to 3 seconds.)  

Smart Content Tips for Native Video on Facebook

Globally, Facebook users are uploading 75% more clips per person (and 94% more clips per person in the US) compared to this time last year. With all that video content to compete with, keep these tips in mind to make sure your video stands out:

  • No Second Chance to Make a First ImpressionNative video auto-plays within the News Feed. Use those precious first few seconds to make an impact or Facebook users will keep scrolling.

  • Think Like ChaplinWhile videos will auto-play, they are silent by default. Use striking visuals to help tell your story and don’t rely on sound—which users may or may not turn on.

  • Make it MobileOver 65% of Facebook video views are on mobile and video on Facebook was built to be mobile first. Keep small and mobile formats in mind when making video for Facebook.

  • Think about the Whole PackageAs with the other content you share on Facebook, take advantage of copy to help tell your story.  Add a call to action that displays when a video ends and invite your audience to learn more, watch more, or make a purchase.

In addition to being a member of the Media Solutions Program, we are a Facebook Marketing Partner with Content Marketing and Community Management specialties. We are excited for this next step and will continue to evolve alongside Facebook to deliver the content, engagement, and analytics capabilities that media companies and brands need to succeed on the social network.

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Courtney Doman

Courtney is the Content Marketing Manager at Spredfast. She focuses on sharing smart social ideas and insights to transform the way companies connect with consumers. Courtney is a passionate football fan (supporting Arsenal and the USMNT), curious traveller, and ambitious home cook.