Real Time Shows Up For A Golden Night

Real-time marketing has seen a huge rise over the past year, celebrating small events, daily trends, and global trending topics. But what really makes headlines is the big, tentpole events that come at the beginning of every year. Last night’s Golden Globes kicked off RTM Season as a mix of the biggest movies, the best television, and the most beautiful people all converged for the first big night of 2015. Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler emceed the evening as trophies were handed out to shoo-ins and underdogs alike.

The Golden Globes were the quietest of the big award shows in 2014, with only around a third of the volume for real-time marketing when compared to Super Bowl and Oscars activity. Still, this year, a number of brands showed up to celebrate the event and participate in the conversation with their followers. While many of the usual suspects—like Digiorno, Gain, and Arby’s—sat the event out, others like Elle Magazine, MTV, Macy’s, and Hilton joined the conversation with a great response from their audience.

Here are a few of the highlights:

AARP Celebrates the More Seasoned Winners

While Hollywood famously likes to hide the age of their community, others took the occassion to celebrate many actors' years of experience. AARP Tweeted congratulations to multiple winners over the age of 50 to the delight of their audience. Tweets included congratulating J.K. Simmons, Jeffrey Tambor, and Kevin Spacey. But the Tweet for Billy Bob Thorton’s win received a +7,500% bump in Retweets and +18,800% bump in Favorites when compared to @AARP’s last 3,000 Tweets.

Entertainment Weekly Tweets the Cumberbatch Photobomb

As part of a skit, Meryl Streep was featured in a picture that was photo-bombed by Benedict Cumberbatch and later tweeted out by Entertainment Weekly (it’s complicated, I know.) Anyway, it gave the @EW account some of the best returns of the night, with a +5,000% bump in Retweets and +2,200% bump in Favorites vs. historical averages.

Rotten Tomatoes Does It’s Best Digiorno Impression

We’re used to seeing some irreverent Tweeting from a certain brand during big events, but tonight that torch was carried by the Rotten Tomatoes handle, which commented on just about everything including Vince Vaughn’s height, SNL advertisements, Prince, and much, much more. But their Tweet about Jeffrey Tambor’s win (above) earned the best performance for them for the night, with a +500% jump in Retweets and +465% bump in Favorites when compared to normal @RottenTomatoes levels of engagement.

MTV Live-Gifs the Show

The social team at MTV created the most Tweets during the show that I saw from any brand, but their real-time gif created from Emma Stone’s reaction to the opening monologue performed the best for them, enjoying more than double the normal level of engagement in both Retweets and Favorites that they usually see.

Ralph Lauren Highlights Their Threads and the Audience Responds

The clothing giant Ralph Lauren highlighted Matt Bomer’s tuxedo in a Tweet to their audience during the show which resulted in a big bump in engagement for the brand. The Tweet received +725% bump in Retweets and +1,000% bump in Favorites vs. historical averages of engagement.

Hilton Jumps on a Micro-Trend We Can All Agree On: Free Breakfast

When Seth Meyers and Katie Holmes told a joke mentioning a free breakfast voucher for the night’s losing nominees, Hilton jumped on the trend to offer free meals to guests staying at the Beverly Hilton. Their followers loved the idea, giving the Tweet a +600% bump in Retweets and +880% bump in Favorites vs. the levels that Hilton has seen over their past 3,000 Tweets.

The Season Is Just Getting Started

While some of the bigger RTM brands were a no-show tonight, there were plenty of newcomers that filled the gaps to join the Golden Globe conversation. More importantly, the data shows that these brands were creating content that their audience engaged with, at much, much higher levels than the usual campaign content that they share. It’s a great example of how brands can see big spikes in engagement when joining trending conversations, and it’s just the start of an exciting RTM season to come.



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