#SFExperience: An Inside Look: The 3 Keys to ARAMARK’s Social Success

In our latest eBook, The Social Experience, we gathered insights and expert advice from today’s top brand social marketers and industry visionaries. We are sharing insights from this book these insights here on the Spredfast Blog. Today, Brian Marks shares three ways that ARAMARK is making social work for the business.

blogbrianYou have made social media a priority at your company. Great. It all starts with commitment. But it’s 2013—how are you going to get your social presence to be more of a social business and less of a social activity? Here are three simple ways we cut through the mud and started seeing real results.


We made it practical.

The truth is that execs will always have a hard time getting behind posts featuring cute cats, crazy memes, and everything else that has nothing to do with your products or services. And why should they support that when value has been difficult to track even in the best of campaigns? But when you’re actually using social media as a tool for doing your business—adressing customer needs, presenting offers that incentivize customers to visit your locations, or generating thought leadership—everyone wins. Know your audience and understand what it takes for your business to be successful. Then use Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn to help reach those goals. You will see results and executives that buy-in to the madness of your methods.


We worked together.




At the end of the day, you’re all on the same team. So why don’t companies do more to work better together? At ARAMARK, tackling social media was a collaborative affair, one that allowed us to work across all of our businesses and functional areas. This allowed everyone to learn more about social media and see what success really looked like. Our marketers didn’t tentatively dip their toes in – they dove in headfirst with confidence in leveraging social media, building stronger strategies, and creating a team that spanned all of marketing.


We used the right tools.

Big new initiatives usually mean big, new shiny objects. And big, new shiny objects…well, they quickly become rusty old relics if they’re not being used correctly. Know the gaps your community managers have in managing social media and equip them with the best tools that will allow them to be successful.  If you can’t build adoption, it will be because the tool wasn’t valuable for the people using it.


LP-headshot-circle-brianMBrian Marks has over a decade of experience working with businesses to find solutions for their web, digital, and social media efforts, using these channels to help meet business goals and objectives. Brian leads a digital center of excellence at ARAMARK for social media, sharing and building resources, designing strategies and success measures, and developing scalable tools and rules of engagement for the company’s businesses. He also builds and executes live and online social media training sessions for the enterprise.

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The Social Experience

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