#SFExperience: RadioShack is Giving Customers what they Like

In our latest eBook, The Social Experience, we gathered insights and expert advice from today’s top brand social marketers and industry visionaries. We are sharing insights from this book these insights here on the Spredfast Blog. Today, RadioShack's Cosmin Ghiurau shares how the electronics retailer is driving in-store traffic with Facebook Offers.

cosmin1-2Social media marketing at RadioShack has gone through multiple phases since the first social channel was started in April 2009. In 2012, there was a strategic focus to acquire a larger fan base for key social channels, specifically Facebook and Twitter as these channels consistently led in overall conversation around RadioShack, its products, and heritage. From May 2012 to the end of December 2012 we saw our fan base grow 2x across all of our social channels.

As most brands focus on acquisition and content after they have listened and engaged their fans, at RadioShack our growth led to a deeper study of the behaviors and psychographics of our fans. Doing this allowed us to better understand the type of content they will engage with personally and when the highest likelihood of engagement happened in order for us to deliver content that had a higher virality to produce maximum earned media awareness of our brand and relevancy.

cosmin3-sketchOnce we understood our fans beyond the Like and Follow, we tested multiple offers via the Facebook Offers product to learn what and when the best offer resonated with our fans as a “reward” for their engagement with us as a brand. This approach allowed us to understand the right offer for our fans and produce loyalty that extended beyond the traditional social engagement of likes, comments, and shares. We converted our fans into loyal customers that sought out content from our social channels on a consistent basis.

The offer that produced the highest return was that of $10 off a $40 purchase. We saw consistent lift on claims in our Offers month over month as we shared it with our fans via a TGIFacebook Campaign over the course of 3 months with a 7% redemption on all claims. Not only did the offer drive redemption, also drove a significant increase in basket size which was key for us to prove the success of the offer and showcase loyalty.



LP-headshot-circle-CosminCosmin Ghiurau leads the Social Media Practice at RadioShack Corporation with over 6,000 locations and 35,000 employees. Prior to RadioShack, Cosmin established and led Samsung Mobile’s Social Media practice that led to record-breaking profits and standing for Samsung Mobile within the Mobility space. Cosmin’s experience spans retail, telecommunications, automotive, agency, and non-profit work.

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