#SFSummit Day One: Work Smarter and Build Trust

Natanya Anderson of Whole Foods Market summed up the the task of social marketers beautifully on day one of #SFSummit: We must be nimble and experimental even as we are strategic and planful. That kind of dichotomy presents a unique challenge, and one that should be met with two themes that were threaded through each of the Spredfast keynotes and breakout sessions from day one of #SFsummit. Social marketers are consistently charged with working smarter and building trust in order to remain simultaneously nimble and strategic—and the Spredfast platform and partnerships can assist with both goals.

How to Work Smarter, not Harder

The short answer here is one we've explored deeply—social data can help inform your social marketing strategy, so that you're not relying on instinct or hunch, but hard numbers you can take back to the C-suite. For example, Whole Foods found, through mining social data, that social chatter about healthy eating actually experienced a statistically significant spike on December 26—before the New Years resolutions had been logged but after the figgy pudding had settled.

That nugget of data then informed greater advertising and marketing strategies for the following year: "At the end of the campaign, we thought, let's try this on some other channels," Anderson explained. "And it turns out that across our digital footprint, a lot of people want to at least think about being healthy. So now as a function of our January planning, healthy eating and planning starts on December 26 for us. And that was entirely an effect of data that we discovered, looking at what customers engaged with on our social content."

How to Build Trust

Another common theme popped up in keynotes and breakout sessions alike yesterday: the building of authentic trust, which then leads to brand affinity and loyalty and, ultimately, purchase. Millennials do not want to marketed to in the same way their parents were, and #SFsummit attendees are wise to this inarguable fact. The very nature of the medium social marketers work in demands authenticity, personality, and, speaking frankly, it demands that marketers offer their customers something, rather than demand a purchase or click.

Discovery's Joshua Weinberg explained how this fact is baked into the channel's guiding principles: Get social, go deep, and give back. The "give back" piece, in particular, speaks to authenticity: "By getting social, and going deep, offering rich experiences, we should create something that gives back to our audience," Weinberg said. "Then by sharing that information, they create communities within their community, and that becomes exponential in a way—celebrating what Discovery is and the promise of what it’s all about."

...And So Much More

It's impossible to distill the wealth of information presented and discussed at 2015 #SFsummit in one post, but if you missed this year, don't worry—we've got presentations up on our Slideshare account and, to give you the full effect, we've got a recap video, too:

Summit attendees spent Tuesday absorbing and sharing #smartsocial insights.

  Stay tuned later this week for a full dive into our incredible keynote speakers Andy Cohen and Todd Henry, and stay tuned in the coming weeks as we process all of this #smartsocial insight and roll it into usable, actionable advice for you. There's still one more day of presentations, networking, and social advice nuggets to take in, and there's not a cloud in the sky in Austin this morning—let's do this, #SFsummit.

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