Six SXSW Sessions that Deserve a Big Thumbs Up

Austin, Texas is a magical place for many reasons:

  • It’s the birthplace of breakfast tacos
  • Matthew McConaughey is here, and he’s teaching a class at his alma mater this fall
  • It’s where Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, will be in October
  • AND, it’s home to SXSW Interactive

Even though it’s still seven months away, voting for SXSW panels is already in progress. Last year, Spredfast was named one of the best brand experiences of SXSW, and this year, we’re pulling out all the stops again.

We’ve submitted a few panels and we need your votes in order to make them come to life!

How do I vote?

1) Click here.

2) Set up an account (we promise, they won’t spam you).

3) Search "Spredfast."

4) Give us a thumbs up to vote for each panel!

What am I voting for?

Here’s a list of panels we submitted, as illustrated by GIFs:

The panel that motivates you to make a difference:

In this timely session, “Your Prayers and Tweets are Not Enough,” we’ll debate what online users care about most, and what we define as “lending a hand” in today’s digital landscape.

The session that might make you feel a little exposed…

There’s a direct relationship between growing privacy concerns and consumers’ demands for personalized UX. Personal information is traded like currency. How big’s the risk and what’s being exchanged?

The panel for the person who wants to spice up his/her newsfeed:

Right now, especially with the 2016 presidential elections, many people are feeling polarized by their social newsfeeds that show only one set of ideas from their friends. This panel will explore both sides: Are networks responsible for delivering mixed-views housing, or does that cross the line?

For the person who’s mad about Uber/Lyft leaving Austin:

This session will look back on what happened when the ride-sharing economy was taken away in Austin, and how the city has responded to that change.

For the marketer who is sick of explaining social’s value:

Sick and tired of colleagues questioning the value of social? We’re in the fastest-moving market, so social’s value can’t be summed up in a universal, one-size-fits-all metric. This session will explore the different challenges businesses have, and how social can help solve them.

For the marketer who’s anxious about what the future holds:

In 10 years, the way we shop now could be obsolete and brands need to start preparing for the future. This session will cover key trends in retail today and the big changes coming to the customer shopping experience.

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Samantha is a PR Manager at Spredfast where she showcases the customers and thought leaders behind the world's best social software platform. Texas born and raised, Samantha is also a Longhorn lover, wilderness explorer, and cupcake connoisseur. Follow her for the latest on Spredfast and, of course, food.