The Smart Social Report is Back: The Newest Research in the Smart Social Report, Volume 2

As 2015 has unfolded, so too has what seems like a metric ton of remarkable social efforts by brands. Social marketers today work quickly and intelligently. But the consequence of their heads-down, churn-it-out dedication can occasionally be a gap: by living in the day-to-day, marketers might miss bigger-picture trends that will drive and determine what that day-to-day will look like in the coming weeks and months. Stay too deep in the daily-grind weeds, and opportunities can be missed.

We believe that to know about—and ideally predict—the next big thing, you need to take the time to look at industry trends and new sparks of opportunity in addition to your day job. That’s why our Analytics & Research team builds the Smart Social Report every quarter, to do just that. (If you missed Q1’s report, you can find it at this link.)

At Spredfast, we believe that data can fuel smart marketing efforts, but can also hold the keys to identifying trends in the marketplace. We embrace data for all of the above—and lucky you, we like to share what we learn.

This quarter’s Smart Social Report tackles some fascinating new trends and opportunities:

State of the Social Union

As we did in our first report, we check in with 50 of the top brands in the world and their social efforts. We reveal: Which industries are pushing forward? Which channels boast the fastest rates of adoption? Which brands should you look to as North stars? We also explored:

  • Messaging Apps’ Dominance: Entire business models have sprung from the popularity of one-to-one messaging apps, which replace SMS texting. Apps like Kik, WhatsApp, Line and more boast hundreds of millions of users: the Smart Social Report Vol. 2 report takes a closer look at an area primed for marketers to jump in and influence fans, often on a one-to-one level.

  • The Value of Personalized Content Schedules: Different social media channels require unique strategies—it’s not enough any more to rely on generalizations about posting frequency to drive your social strategy. Instead, we take a data-driven look at engagement over time on Twitter and Instagram to understand the lifetime of content in Half-Life of Social. Once you know your own content’s half-life, you can determine a personalized posting schedule to optimize engagement.

  • How Brands Should Approach Reddit: Reddit is a growing force online today—commonly referred to as the front page of the internet—but if you ask your social media group what their Reddit strategy is, chances are you’ll get a blank look in return. We investigate why you should start your Reddit strategy planning now, and how you can best exert influence on the insular network.

  • UK vs. US competition: The Truth: Brands and agencies in the US are fond of saying that other countries are far behind in social maturity. We tested this theory with data to see how the UK and US match up, and you might be surprised by what you find out.

Download the full Smart Social Report Vol. 2, and then let us know what you think. What trends surprised you? Where is your brand ahead of the curve—and where could you stand to improve?

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Chris Kerns

Chris Kerns has spent more than a decade defining digital strategy and is at the forefront of finding insights from digital data. He currently leads Analytics and Research at Spredfast. His research has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, USA Today and AdWeek, among other publications.