#SMDay: Celebrate Connections Through Social Media

Happy #SMDay! Mashable designated this day (June 30th) to celebrate the impact that social media has had our lives. The holiday, which started as something small and grassroots in 2010 has exploded globally, much like social itself: in 2014, more than 31,000 tweets were sent with the #SMDay hashtag throughout the world.

As a #socialfirst company, we celebrate social daily at Spredfast. But in the interest of a holiday-appropriate commemoration, I wanted to touch on some of my favorite ways that social media has connected people:

Starting Important Conversations 

After debuting her Vanity Fair cover in May, Caitlyn Jenner made history by joining Twitter and reaching one million followers faster than any Twitter account (even @POTUS). It created an opportunity to have an open, courageous conversation about transgender issues.

Sharing Serendipitous, Silly Moments

 Black and blue (right answer) OR white and gold (wrong answer)? No matter what color you think it is, it became worldwide phenomenon thanks to social. Same with the llamas. When is the last time you were alerted to a slow-speed animal chase and stopped work to watch it happen alongside millions of your peers? Although it’s probably dangerous for work productivity, I wish these moments of levity, where we come together because of comedy, not tragedy,  were a more a regular occurrence.

Social for Good

Whether it’s driving to GoFundMe pages from social or participating in an ice bucket challenge, Social media isn’t just a place to update friends on your latest meal. It’s become aplace that shines a spotlight on our humanity. People who have never met connect over causes and donate to others in need. It’s a beautiful thing.


 Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Social media, in my mind, has served as an accelerant, in this journey. People are having more open, honest conversations about important issues that matter to us all. The social court of public opinion is being heard—both in influencing and celebrating important policy decisions. This weekend was a major affirmation that#LoveWins.  It was powerful reading personal stories from people who expressed the ways the important ruling benefited them and their families.


On a personal level, social has allowed me to stay connected to high school and college friends around the country, 

#SMDay weddingfind a job and new friends like our content strategist Traci Mazurek as I moved from Kansas City to Austin, and communicate with my fellow Austin Pets Alive volunteers (we’re currently organizing a search for a lost foster dog using only Facebook messenger and groups).

Social media has also played a huge part in several of my most important life milestones. My grandparents weren’t able to attend my wedding in 2013, but I was able to share some of our most important moments with a little help from Facebook, Instagram and Facetime.

In honor of connections, #SMday feels like a great time to use social to salute those who sacrifice so much for our country—the troops. #GIFthanks by sending a gif to show gratitude to someone who has served in the military.

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Laura is the Senior Manager of Digital Strategy, leading strategy and analytics for Spredfast's digital channels. A Kansas City native, Laura loves barbecue, Jayhawks, Boulevard Beer and Bo Jackson. In her free time, Laura trains dogs at a local animal rescue, writes for a classic movie review blog and tweets (frequently) at @SnackMantis.