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As a Market Director for the West Coast, I work with all types of brands, across all verticals, in a very large market—the West Coast. You would think that the marketing themes and product needs across this region would be incomprehensibly diverse, but there are a few key themes that pop up again and again across major markets in my footprint, including LA, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, and Seattle.

One prevalent theme is the need for marketers to measure the business impact of social. In the past, we have written posts on how to achieve this via social care strategies and conversion rates, but today I’m going to focus on how to make co-created social visualizations drive performance via shoppable functionality within our curated social content product, Experiences.

The shoppable functionality lives within our Pages feature, which we released early in 2015. Pages allows marketers to quickly build a complete social hub via one snippet of javascript that includes:

  • Blended Owned and Social content
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop interface
  • A gallery of Pages as starting points
  • Ability to refresh pages from within the platform

While our customers and prospects loved that they could stitch together multiple visualizations and launch them within minutes via one piece of javascript, they all had one more request for the product—they wanted it include shoppable and other actionable features.

You Asked, We Answered

Enter: Spredfast’s new Experiences Retail Modal. This new feature within Pages allows shoppers to browse and shop social and owned content simultaneously via a CTA button. Shoppable viz functionality includes:

  • The ability for brands to convert sales from your Instagram page
  • The ability for fans to shop through the link in your social profile
  • The ability to create a social shopping Experience that can live anywhere—including in-store, on a phone, or on a Jumbotron outdoor display
  • The ability to send out a customizable consent form to creators of content you want to redisplay that protects your brand with multiple terms of use and a full audit trail

One huge differentiator of our Shoppable visualizations is our diverse selection. There’s no need to limit yourself to one visualization, you can have a mosaic that encourages multiple interactions beyond browsing and shopping—including registrations, sign up forms, direct upload of video entries, in-store and event displays and more. Interested in hearing more about our shoppable visualizations? Contact Us for a demo.

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Jeannie Christensen

Jeannie Christensen is a Social and Digital Strategy veteran, and is currently Spredfast's Market Director on the West Coast. She lives in San Francisco, CA, but was born and raised outside of Detroit, MI. You can find her on Twitter as @Subdebutante.