Social Media Roundup - Pinterest, Messenger, and Google+

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend which means it's time for the Social Media Roundup. Let's look back on all this week's social media news that was fit to print including announcements from Pinterest, Facebook, and Google.

Pinterest Introduces Guided Search

Pinterest Social Media RoundupPinterest now boasts over 30 billion pins on the website, but when you're trying to find that one special sea salt chocolate chip cookie recipe, that number is less impressive and more a hassle.

The new Guided Search allows users to add filters to their search query. Filters that are native to the site such as 'wedding' or 'vegan' will populate as options. Filters can be added or removed without having to leave the search page and the new feature is conveniently optimized for mobile.

The improvement further hints at the eventual e-commerce build out that Pinterest will add on. What can your brand do to take advantage of these changes in the meantime? Make sure you are using detailed pin descriptions to surface in more places. We're very excited to check out the new features. And finally bake those cookies!    


Use Data to Prove Social Success: Introducing Spredfast Performance Index

Metrics matter, but without proper business context, they fail to tell the full story. Do Retweets matter more than Favorites to your social strategy? What about clicks versus shares? With Spredfast Performance Index, you can establish the metrics that matter most to your business, define goals, and easily assess your progress. PastedGraphic-2

Interested in learning more? Check out our full coverage.  


Vic Gundotra Leaves Google - Where Does This Leave Google+?

Vic Gundotra announced this week that he would be leaving Google after 8 years, which sparked questions about what would happen to Google+. The platform is arguably Gundotra's brainchild and has been his most recent primary project. Leadership of the platform is expected to fall onto VP of Engineering, David Bresbis. We'll miss Gundotra's keen eye for social innovation and look forward to seeing what new opportunities catch his eye.  


Zuckerberg: Facebook Messenger Has 200 Million Users

Messenger Social Media RoundupMessenger may be Facebook's most succesful stand-alone app. In the company's quarterly earnings report, numbers indicated that over 200 Million platform users regularly use the Messenger function.

The numbers help bolster Facebook's decision to remove Messenger from the platform proper and encourage users to instead download a stand-alone Messenger app.

We think it's a great way to leverage the messenger service and keep the app growing in popularity, but wonder how brands will be able to stay present and visible if users migrate solely to Messenger. However, Facebook's new mobile-ad service may offer the solution.    


Social Media is Making Us Better Writers

In a world where our communication via social media is under scrutiny, B.J. Novak, actor and now author, commented that he believes social media is making us stronger writers.

"[Social media] makes everyone aware of the minutia of conversation in literary form," Novak told Mashable “A status update contains so much fear and hope and worry and fakery and inadvertent honesty and style and attempts to not try too hard."

Some nice food for thought as we go into the weekend. You may be Twitter's next Thoureau.  


That's all from us! Looking to catch our other Social Media Roundups? You can follow our news from week's past here.

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