Social Media Roundup - Social TV, Pinning Power, and #Teamswork

Happy Friday! It was a long week but we made it: time to kick up your heels, send out those end-of-week e-mails, and check out the Social Media Roundup. This week, we're tackling real time engagement for social TV, the Power of the Pin, and much more.

#OnlyOnTwitter Highlights High-Profile Twitter Chats

"Jimmy Fallon, Mindy Kaling, and Jaime Lannister walk into a bar..." Sounds like the beginning of a great story, right? Luckily, Twitter makes those kind of interactions possible. Twitter commented: “When high-profile actors, hosts or broadcasters connect with each other on Twitter, it’s a special treat for fans. Whether humorous, poignant or just plain cool, these moments of serendipity can only happen on Twitter — that’s why we use the hashtag #onlyontwitter to describe these one-of-a-kind conversations.” Which just begs the question: when will your brand have your #onlyontwitter moment?  

Pinterest Announces Business Insights API Access with Spredfast

Pinterest announced this week it would be granting companies access to its Business Insights API, and Spredfast was named as an initial recipient. We're very excited to bring this extensive visual analytics functionality to our customers. Looking to learn more? We detail all the available capabilities here.  

Brandwatch Announces $22 Million in Funding

Partner Brandwatch announced this week it had raised $22 million in new funding to further their social media listening capabilities. CEO Giles Palmer stated: “We index the entire social web in real time and store that data in a way for companies to be able to interrogate it easily. It is a difficult challenge we’ve built it, brick by brick.” We, for one, couldn't be more excited to see Brandwatch dig deeper into real-time social conversations and leverage even more extensive data for enterprise businesses. Congrats, y'all!  

Spredfast & Mass Relevance Named Top Places to Work in Austin

On the subject of congratulations, we wanted to take a second to thank the extended Spredfast family for making this company one of the top places to work in Austin, according to the Austin Business Journal. Winners will be announced June 26th but, as far as we're concerned, having top peers to work with, innovative creative drive, and dynamic technology at our fingertips is its own reward.

social media roundup #teamswork in action


That's all the Social Media Roundup news that's fit to post. Think we missed something? Want to see us cover another topic? Drop us a line at @Spredfast. Until next week!'s picture

Caitlin Greenwood

Caitlin Greenwood is the Community Manager at Spredfast. With a background and passion for journalism and creative writing, Caitlin fosters engagement and builds meaningful relationships across the Spredfast social communities. Follow her on @mcgreenw for all things pop culture, social media, and snapshots of her corgi Marfa.