Social is Now an Essential Part of Your Healthy Breakfast

Becoming an essential part of our healthy breakfast is a special honor. We’re loyal to our cereal brands and Cheerios understands that. As a brand that prides itself in all things breakfast related, Cheerios recognized the opportunity to connect with consumers by aligning with their morning routine.

To bring outside conversations in, Cheerios utilized Mass Relevance (now Spredfast) Experiences for their Family Breakfast Project site - a campaign intended to bring families together for the meal that starts off the day. The campaign suggests countless tips and tricks for preparing a morning meal and explains the health benefits of coming together as a family. Social pieces were incorporated into the Cheerios website redesign, including three visualizations that all supported new and refreshing ways to enjoy breakfast with the family.


Cheerios was personally able to update and change their content by streaming different social components in conjunction with their ad campaigns and breakfast promotions. The ability to stream different content gave Cheerios the freedom to serve relevant content at any point in time. As the Family Breakfast Project continues, the site will add new features such as a photo spotlight for each day of the week and a fill in the blank application for consumers to share their insight.

Craig Pladson, Digital Marketing Manager at General Mills, spoke with us about the invaluable customer interaction Cheerios received from taking the big social step.

What made Cheerios want to incorporate social into their Family Breakfast Project?

Knowing the .com experience remains the most trusted place for people to interact with a brand online, we’ve started to think differently about the Cheerios digital ecosystem. While social media is a critical element to keeping our communities engaged, we believe in the importance of bringing the social side of the web to  This is critical to the success of Family Breakfast Project, because it allows people to engage in our content while sharing their real family moments with us and the broader Cheerios community.   unnamed (1)


What did Cheerios accomplish by adding a social component to your website redesign? The Cheerios digital experience exists to show how the brand believes that, “When people come together, anything is possible.” Integrating social media into is a good way to emphasize this and gives people both the context to understand what social conversations are taking place and an easy way to share our content from to their preferred social network.  


Why is it important to Cheerios to involve your audience via social?

Because it’s a natural part of how people prefer to interact with brands today. People are talking about Cheerios in social media, so it’s a matter of how much value we can add by becoming part of the conversation. We do this both responsively and proactively. The more we build out content and the experience at, the more proactive we’ll be about meeting people in their social network of choice.  


How has real-time conversation affected your relationship with consumers?

The idea of inspiring people of what’s possible through connection in real-time is a powerful one. As we become more clear on the brand’s role in making this happen,it increases our ability to interact with people in a meaningful way. Our participation in the Big Game was a great way for us to experience this first-hand and we learned quite a bit about how we can plan for moments we know we want to be part of.  


Your Cereal Wants to Socialize

Cheerios has broadened their reach and deepened relationships with consumers by incorporating more social engagement through all brand campaigns. By creating a place to showcase the conversation within the community, people are treating the site as a destination for breakfast news and updates. With that, Cheerios’ debut online has reaffirmed its place at the breakfast table.  


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Rachel Jamail

Rachel Jamail works at the intersection of customer marketing and brand communications. Partnering with Spredfast's most innovative customers, she integrates their voice into the Spredfast brand by promoting and sharing their success and leadership in social media marketing through a variety of ways - from press to speaking engagements to thought leadership opportunities to product roadmap influence. When not working, she loves doing yoga, eating ice cream, and rooting for the Longhorns and Crimson.