The Social Swarm - Top Tidbits in Social

How do you keep up with the latest and greatest in social each week? After pondering this question for a while, we've decided to start sharing the top highlights we're seeing in the world of social media, Social CRM and technology research to help condense and consolidate. Have a major develoment or highlight we didn't include? Put our comment box to good use. 

This week's top sound bytes included:

Facebook launched stand-alone site Facebook Studio (, a location for ad agencies, PR firms and media strategy companies to share ideas, comment on campaigns and learn from one another. Is this the start of professional/career networking sites ala Facebook?

Forrester Research Inc. shared a new report on social media management, covering what marketers need to take control of their social marketing programs. We were flattered to see Spredfast included!

Social Media Examiner shared a new study looking at the relationship between small businesses and social media. Good news. Social media offers tons of benefits for small and medium businesses. Are you using social to get the following?

  • Increases Traffic for 72 percent of marketers
  • Improved Search Rankings for 62 percent of marketers
  • Creates New Partnerships for 59 percent of marketers
  • Creates Better Sales for 48 percent of marketers
  • Reduces Marketing Costs for 59 percent of self-employed workers and 58 percent of SMBs
  • Twice as likely to find qualified leads using social media

Mashable Follow launched. For all of you out there struggling to weed through all the social goodness, Mashable’s new layer lets users follow the topics and people that interest them. We heart segmentation.

Live Streaming Cochella. Nearly 4 million people took advantage of this opportunity to check out the festival and their favorite artists. "No matter where you looked on social-media sites over the weekend, people from all corners of the globe were shouting out their enthusiasm for the festival, and there were countless tweets from people freely thanking the sponsor for making the Webcast possible and promising to go out and buy its gum. That's the kind of organic response on which paradigm shifts are built." Live video FTW.

President Obama visited the Facebook Headquarters to discuss the economy, technology, innovation and more. A proof point that technology, and social, will continue to play a huge role in the coming years?   

Facebook's 'like' button turns 1! "Through the 'like,' Facebook spread its social footprint across the web." In the first month, more than 100,000 websites installed the button. Another sign integration continues to be an important social media focus in 2011.

And, while it’s not necessarily social media related, we would be remiss not to mention the rumors that the iPhone5 will be released in September.  

Happy reading!

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