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photo credit:“Video only represents 3% of posts but is the most likely to be re-blogged across all post types.”


Engaging videos entertain the mind, body, and soul in a way that almost demands viewers share them with their network. So, how do top brands produce videos that capture our imagination while remaining true to their message? This past Thursday we watched Twitter, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Edelman Digital, and Spredfast explain the latest tips and trends. We learned what goes into a successful social video strategy and I’m here to report the goodness. You'll find the full webinar on-demand today.


Smart Social Report — Winter 2015

To start us off, Chris Kerns, Spredfast's VP of Research and Insight dished out some video stats from his team's upcoming Smart Social Report due out on December 8th. The Smart Social Report is a quarterly look at 50 leading brands across ten industries. This quarter they will cover, The State of Social, Video + Social, Social Insights from the NFL, Understanding the Planning Landscape, and Gender Patterns in Social.


1 | Video had the largest increase in content created and engaged with over the past year.

2 | Digital video is outpacing everything else. It’s beginning to "eat the internet."

3 | Advertising is set to explode around mobile and desktop.

Go here to view last quarter's Smart Social Report Volume 2 .


What Drives People To Watch?

Have we forgotten how to tell stories? Spike Jones, Managing Director of Digital at Edelman, seems to think so, and he gave us the tools to get back to the basics. “Storytelling has staying power and connects cultures across time," Jones says. But how do you create a story with staying power? Further, how do we drive people to watch and what video content works best for our audience?


Why people share content online and off?

1 | It Feeds Our Ego — Let’s break down what Jones means by ego. Stories with ego involve making brand advocates look good. Jones told the story of how he used ego to create a "spike" in engagement for the Chevy brand's newest car. Jones and his team found a trusted voice on Chevy’s forums. But instead of using this fan to tell their story, they turned the camera on him for an interview. With a small crew, they captured his engaging life story. Instead of pushing this content out on their many channels, they left the final video with him to do with as he pleased. What happened next? He took this proud (ego) moment and shared it on the forums where he is liked and trusted. In two months, the video received 14,000 views and he became the most influential brand advocate on Twitter. Jones and his team created an influencer.

2 | We Love To Inform — Jones identified Info as the second key to engaging social storytelling. Info feeds our curiosity and is a natural share for most people. Particularly, new and complicated information has the power to drive us to share. Why? Sharing new info feeds the ego—People love to share their expertise on a subject because it makes them look and feel good.

3 | Emotion Drives Us — In closing, Jones identified two types of emotions that travel the quickest: rage and delight. Rage is tough for brands to package in a palatable way, so he focused on the power to surprise and delight as a social driver.

If your story contains one of these three elements of engaging storytelling, you’re well on your way. If it contains two of three, you’re on to something. And if it holds three of three, well you’ve got yourself a winning moment.


What Video Content Does Well On Twitter?

Stacy Minero, Director of Content Planning at Twitter and an “Adweek Media Allstar” shared some anticipated insights with hundreds listening live. Her focus was on winning the moment on Twitter. Let’s share a taste of what you’ll find when you view this webinar.


1 | Stopping Power — Twitter Video is the fastest-growing content on Twitter and 90% of views are on mobile. And the Videos that perform the best on Twitter all include a narrative hook that appear in the first three to five seconds. This hook reels in the viewer and gives way to the rising action and conflict that follows.

2 | Show People — “Videos that feature people in opening moments are 2x more likely to drive opt-in views.” Placing people front and center in the opening moments creates intrigue—who, what, and why are they? Whether it’s a brand advocate or a fictional character, lead with people. For great examples of this in action watch Minero in the full on-demand webinar now.

3 | Content With A Cause — "Content with a cause performs extremely well on Twitter, she said." By taking on a cause, brands can tap into a human truth and purpose. She used the example of how Always took on a term usually seen as derogatory and made it celebratory. They created content around the term #Likeagirl and helped to catalyze a conversation which changed perceptions with their brand leading the effort.


How Long Should Your Video Be?

In the Q&A, a common video question was answered. "What length should my video be?" The consensus was that video length depends on two main factors. One, what you are trying to achieve? And two, what channels you are using. So as you plan out your video content, determine what mix of ego, information, or emotion you plan on using, then hone in what your audience is used to seeing in each platform.


Experiment Your Way To Success

Mike Raspatello, Digital Innovation Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev, provided us with an inside look at a brand heavy on their video strategy. He feels they've found a winning formula—they've found success through thoughtful experimentation. He explained his theory of test and return. Raspatello and his team began by sharing experimental advertising on new social platforms. Then his team take what they've learned there to the big three: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. They found this process allows for audacity without risk to their brand or wallet. Oftentimes their trials led to finding new ways to engage audiences on their strongest channels. Experiment your way to success.


Scratching The Surface.

For the full report on how to reel in your audience with video, check out the Adweek Webinar “Social Video Tips And Trends.” And on December 8th don't miss the release of the Smart Social Report filled with hundreds of valuable insights for social marketers looking for an edge.


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