Somebody Spiked The Poll: 3 Steps To Increase Twitter-Based Polls Engagement

If you've watched live TV lately, you've likely noticed the increased popularity of Twitter based polls. From the Super Bowl to American Idol many of Mass Relevance's clients are leveraging this new opportunity to engage their audience.

Although this is still an emerging engagement model Mass Relevance has been coaching and supporting clients to yield increased engagement. Over the last several months we've studied real-world examples and taken copious notes on what drives breakout engagement. To make our learnings more approachable, we’ve boiled them down into a short list of things you can do today to increase engagement.

3 Steps To Increase Twitter-Based Polls Engagement

1: Create Simple Hashtags:

Just because second screen experiences are popular doesn't mean your audience has their device handy. The more memorable (and simple) your hashtags are, the more likely your audience can find their device and participate long after the graphic displaying the hashtag has left the screen. For example, American Idol's Tug-of-War this season, used the hashtags #idolagree & #idoldisagree to entice viewers to weigh their opinion on the Judges. In short, keep it simple.

2: Seek Host Participation

We recognize that it isn't easy to convince talent or producers to include a live call to action, but believe us the benefits are significant. An invitation from a host can increase engagement as much as 600%, as we saw recently with the MTV Movie Awards. Multiply that times your audiences social reach and you may find yourself trending.

3: Leverage Clear Branding

While Twitter is the first brand that comes to mind when we hear the term "hashtag," the truth is that other social networks such as Instagram and (soon to be) Facebook are using them too. If your poll is Twitter driven be sure to show their branding to reinforce where your audience can participate. FOX's Regional Sports Network is doing this well in with their AT&T Twitter poll, both visually and verbally.


In the engagement we've monitored lately the spikes are undeniable making them easy to track back to an event or moment in time giving us proven tactics and strategies. If you want to increase your engagement through a Twitter-based poll make sure to keep the hashtags easy, ask the host to help, and tell them where they can participate.


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