Sophisticated Social Care with Twitter + Spredfast

Over the weekend I found myself in a situation thousands of people find themselves in every hour: a mildly frustrating customer experience. My car2go smart vehicle was having trouble connecting to the server to end my rental—and standing in the way of me getting a beer. After moving the car a few times in the hopes of getting better reception, I finally gave up and Tweeted to the on-demand car rental service, briefing them on the issue. They replied within minutes, asking me to send a Direct Message with my information so they could manually end the rental. And just like that, I was well on my way to start my evening.

Not a bad customer service experience on the whole, right? The trouble for car2go is while they could address my technical issue via social media, they had no way of knowing if that interaction was a positive, negative, or otherwise for me. Not any more. Spredfast is proud to announce our integration with Twitter’s new feature Customer Feedback, which gives our customers the ability to survey people (just like me) after an important interaction on Twitter. The new experience on Twitter means brands can now capture and measure customer satisfaction—as well as their Net Promoter Score℠—from their fans. All of this can be accomplished seamlessly within the Spredfast platform.

But it doesn’t stop there. Spredfast integrated with Twitter to also make it easier to move a conversation from public Tweets into a private Direct Message. Think: Instead of car2go asking me to Direct Message them, they could have sent a new type of Tweet that offers a button that automatically takes me into a private conversation. This feature will save brands precious resolution time and create a more seamless way for a consumer to understand the conversation flow.

What This Means for Our Customers

And the customer’s gain is the brand’s, as well: "Twitter is the go-to network for our digitally-connected guests,” explains Greg Cannon, VP of Digital at Caesars Entertainment. “Understanding customer satisfaction in relation to the service we’re giving on social is incredibly important to Caesars, and we’re excited to embrace these two features to facilitate that understanding.”

According to Twitter, users with a higher satisfaction are willing to pay more and to recommend that brand. Starting today, brands now have more ways to create a positive interaction and then to measure that experience. The new customer care cards offer brands an option—so using our example, car2go could've asked me to respond about our interaction with an NPS® or CSAT question. Either way, the new development is just another step in making social just as sophisticated as traditional care channels.

And Spredfast understands the critical need for social sophistication: "Social has become a primary channel for customer service,” explains Virginia Miracle, Spredfast Chief Customer Officer. “We've heard loud and clear from brand and media customers alike the desire to seamlessly interact with their audiences, while also being able to measure team performance. Twitter's latest announcement means our customers will now be able to more easily take conversations from public to private, as well as measure crucial success metrics like their Net Promoter Score. We couldn't be more pleased with the actionable insights this will offer our customers and look forward to continuing to partner with Twitter on more innovations in social customer care."

To learn more about how Spredfast can help elevate your social customer care program, join us for a webinar we're hosting with Forbes Insights on Thursday, February 25 alongside Twitter, AAA, and Patagonia. You can register directly on the Forbes Insights website.

For existing Spredfast Conversations customers, click here to learn more about how you can take advantage of these new features today.

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Austin Lytle is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Spredfast where he works with customers and the Spredfast product team to make sure we are delivering the world's best social software platform. Austin spent three years running political campaigns in Texas and Louisiana. A New Orleans native, he is avid cyclist and lover of music and wine.